Submissive Success Story

I am forty. He is sixty-six. I am a failure at just about everything I tried in life, including my relationships with men, including two divorces. He is successful and dynamic, a psychologist (retired), and a man who knows what he wants in life. I have been his live-in mistress for nearly two years and am deliriously happy and fulfilled. He is a real man with confidence, knowledge, and the dominance it takes to help me find my way in life. I am loyal, submissive and have never been this happy. I am happy in submission to him.

On a typical day I am dressed only in pantyhose. I am taught to be proud of my body and offer it to him willingly in my submission. Each morning I greet him on my knees as he stands before me. I cup his genitals in my hands and treat them as a treasure with licking, kissing, sucking and fondling. He speaks of his love for me as well as the good life I have under his discipline. He talks of our life together and the importance of overcoming life's difficulties with confidence in the power of my submission. He says "To be truly free you must be truly slave and submissive." He provides for me and takes all my cares away. I feel like a transformed woman. I have this person who is totally committed to me and will care for me as I give him my best as a submissive.

Our lovemaking is intense and beautiful. He insists that I o***** daily and delivers them to me expertly in several ways. I swallow his c** every day and consider it the best medicine for my happiness. When I make mistakes however he is quick to bind me and spank me with a ping pong paddle ( I sort of like it). He always follows up with great cuddling and massaging of my sore bottom. Why do I like this? Because I have confidence, trust and the knowledge that he cares enough to keep me from old stupid habits.

My daily wardrobe at home is typically a silk robe, sexy slippers and pantyhose with the crotch panel cut out for instant access at his desire. I feel like a sexy princess in his presence. I must be pretty and groomed for him; no slobs allowed! All my needs and cares in life are taken care of. I feel like a queen even though it is obvious I am a complete submissive.

Why am I sharing this? Because I had a crappy life that turned into a great life. Because I never felt love or security like this before. Because he cared enough to make me better than I ever thought I could be.

Thanks for reading my happy story. He has warned me there will responses that mock me or criticize me. I don't care. I found happiness and am committed to continuing it. I have never been treated with more love, compassion, and sensuality until I submitted to him.

Aug 22, 2021

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  • Thanks for sharing. It sounds wonderful to totally submit to a Man like that and to serve Him and worship Him. I think that is what women should do. Their place is on their knees, worshipping and serving the holy parts of their Master, to obey without questioning, to be subservient and please their Master in all possible ways. To be offered to take your Man's S**** every day is truly a blessing and a holy gift. Love.

  • Thanks for writing this. I have often thought that to be truly free you must be truly slave. I know that sounds weird but I also know many people who have love, loyalty, care, nurturing and happiness in these types of relationships. Power struggles make a relationship feeble and poor. The type of understanding you and your man have is quite empowering. Bless you!

  • This is simply beautiful. We all have our likes and dislikes on the basis of very arbitrary "cultural standards". Yet those who choose to take care of themselves and find happiness outside those narrow definitions are assumed to be dysfunctional or victimized? Thank you for grasping your own life and positioning yourself where you want to be. It is no one else's job to judge your happiness. So-called "circumstances" can often be solid decisions based on knowledge of one's self.

  • Beautiful and kind. I wish I had your honesty and the courage to be happy that you have found and embraced. Life is short and you chose a reality that works and makes both of you happy.

  • You seem to have a good sense of what empowerment really is. All of our lives have levels of authority, levels of submission, power struggles, needs, wants, desires, and definitions of what happiness really means. You have simplified the question and I salute your wisdom.

  • You poor soul!

  • Thank you for this. You encouraged my whole day so much I came back and read it again. True submission is a powerful form of happiness if we do it right (which you have done). I applaud you.

  • I love that you know the beauty, class and sensuality of pantyhose. It separates you from the crowd of boring bare legs and gives you an advantage. Thanks for sharing your happiness and femininity with us. You are a powerful woman, even though you are submissive and you have given me a lot to think about in my own life.

  • What I really get from your story is the reality that true happiness, peace and a powerful sense of self come comes from submission. You experienced unhappiness and were able to fix it with the relationship you now experience. You didn't repeat your mistakes, and now you know happiness, trust, and pride as a submissive. I am inspired by the truths you have expressed.

  • Love, trust, and happiness should never be a competition. What you have basically done is submit to happiness. Good for you. This was an inspiration to me!

  • In this troubled world I look for simple validation, trust, happiness without judgement, and love without judgement. You have given me a lot of empowerment today. I thank you.

  • OMG! I want to be you. I am so impressed by this confession because it sparks inner feelings and desires I have had for many years. Life can be so hard and things can be so overwhelming and misunderstood. I would feel so confident and secure with a relationship like yours.

  • I wish I was that lucky. You are getting what you need and you are empowered, not degraded by your sexuality. Don't listen to the world and its critics. Listen to your heart and follow it. You are loved and you give love back with trust and intimacy. You are cared for, protected and empowered more than most women could ever hope for.

  • So beautiful. So True. Who can judge another person's happiness and the source of meaning in their lives? You are an example of finding your own source of fulfillment and contentment. You go girl! Congrats on a good life!

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