Its a bit disgusting.

I have been going out with a man for two months we are into all kinds of s** I take his d*** in any hole we have done all kinds of kinky things, he asked me to do something strange, he wants us to go into the forest and to put it bluntly watch me have a s***, I said I would think about it, I am into kinky, but to watch me s***?

Feb 26, 2020

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  • This Kink is more common than you think. Soon, he will have s******* on him and p****** down his throat, and he will never leave you. You now own this man. Use him in the. Sickest and most degrading ways possible!! ENJOY!!!

  • At least let him sniff your skid marked panties. This would make my c*** rock hard

  • That’s just sick. Nothing about s** involved when it comes to defecating toxic waste.

  • Wrong. Scat is suuuuuper sexy!!!!!!! Go watch the 2girls1cup video and tell me that's not the most beautiful and sensual lovemaking you've EVER seen. Wiith your man, tell him he shouldn't want to waste your precious bodily discharges in the forest. Tell him you insist on s******* and p****** on him IN HIS BEDand also that HE MUST SLEEP IN IT. trust me when I tell you that he won't resist that even slightly. Instead, once he agrees and then when he's slept in your discharges, all he'll do is (1) insist on your giving it up all the time and (2) begin begging for your menstrual sauce. You are about to become a very lucky woman, and one who is totally loved.

  • Any time pooping becomes part of the equation I would retreat quickly.

  • Why not if could be turn on for him and you might the rewards

  • You will love how he treats you once you introduce him to your wastes.

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