I tease my classmate with my belly button

I find it funny that my classmate can't look away from my belly button.
I get looks sometimes but he is always waiting for me to show it. To tease him I stretch a little while yawning or pretend that I need to look at it or put a pen in it.
After all my teasing I'll let him poke it if he asks

Feb 26, 2020

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  • I like eating female's bellybuttons

  • Nice! One day you should surprise him. Wear a short skirt with no panties and when he reaches to poke your navel grab his hand and tell him “no I need you to poke this” and put his hand up your skirt

  • My hot older sister does the same. Has a habit of raising her shirt or sweater and itching her bare, tanned, flat tummy and smooth, oval innie navel with her long nails, being sure to look at me to make sure I'm looking. And she'll do it no matter the time of year or what she's wearing. Thick, winter sweater? Raise it up to mid-ribs, show off her navel and itch it, draping her nails across. Thinner shirt or button-down? Same thing. Raise it up and have at it.

    We were doing one of those family visits that you dread and don't want to do, and checking out the house. We hit the finished basement, she stretched up towards the low ceiling, itched her bare tummy and navel, and kept her hands in place on the ceiling, giving me a fun, flirty, extended look and few cell phone pics.

  • Grow up weirdo.

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