Whats wrong with me.!

So I was seeing this one guy that I thought he actually liked me just like I did. We saw each other for a few months, but somehow it fizzled out. I stopped talking to him because he also did for a few months. While we were not in communication, I began to hear all kinds of s*** about him, knowing that he moved on and I felt sad and yes jealous, he has tried to go out with one of my friends and I still liked him, somehow I was holding on to hope.

Most recently we started to speak again, just very general stuff nothing personal or even flirting. I’m still hearing crap that all along he was seeing me he has had feelings towards my good friend. This once more made me sad and started to think that he never had those kinds of feelings about me like he has for my friend. I don’t know what is wrong with me, he no longer cares about his appearance, he looks dirty and smelly, but when I was told that he tries to talk to my friend every chance he gets, it makes me hurt. My friend is also 4 months pregnant with her first child and loves her husband. I need a way to expelled him out of my brain, I see him and I feel hurt


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  • NOTHING is wrong with you. We've all been there. We think there's a connection, and there isn't one. Try to keep busy and don't dwell on it, it will just make you crazy. Someone who likes YOU (and not your friend) will enter your life.

  • You know the best way to get someone out of your head?
    Work on being the best self you can be. Spend your energy and thoughts on ways to improve and re-invent yourself. Rise up and do something great. Work on your physical appearance, work on your career and/or education, work on enriching your life as an individual! You can always do better than him! I know how you feel; I was recently deeply hurt by someone who I cared for, but the feeling was not mutual. It happens, but only you are in control of whether you will emerge a greater, stronger person or whether you will succumb to the disappointment.

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