Son in Law

I am a 57 year old grandmother who lost my husband to cancer. My daughter (35) and her husband (40)asked me to come and live with them, so they could both work full time. They have two children a son (14) and daughter (12). I moved in and did a little housework and got meals ready on week days. After a year I started complaining to my daughter about not getting out and meeting someone for maybe a little romance. My husband and I had a very active s** life and I told her I was still interested in s**. My son-in-law was fond of me and we kidded around a lot. My daughter said a few times why don't you two go to bed together and be done with it. Most Friday nights my daughter went out with her girl pals for whatever. One night as she was going out the door, she said what you two do when I'm out is up to you, I just don't want to know about it. When she left I looked at him and smiled, and said what are you going to do about that? Needless to say we ended up in my bedroom, and I had my first f*** in 3 years. It's been 5 months now. I'm happy, my daughters happy (I don't complain anymore) and my son-in-law has two women to have pleasure with. He eats my c**t(my husband never did). I am so happy that my daughter understands my needs and my son in law says I am as good as my daughter. We are a happy family.

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  • Fraud

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  • I can't imagine my daughter would let me have her husband but I can't say I haven't ever thought about trying for an "encounter" secretly. Reading this story makes me think I should at least "test the waters." Knowing he couldn't tell anyone makes it more safe....not to mention sexy. I keep telling myself that if he did tell her I came onto him, I could just deny it. Still, I've never been a risk taker...

  • You're an ugly wench. Give it a rest.

  • Being pimped by your daughter must feel good. Welcome to prostitution you old s***

  • Glad your getting the c*** you deserve. I'm 60 with an 8in fat c***, if you need some extra c***

  • My son in law takes good care of me. I don't need another one now.

  • Good for you but if you ever do, think of me

  • You can have mine.

  • I admire your daughter for offering to share her super good looking son in law. Bet Mother in law is smiling every day now.

  • You go Honey. Have fun. You and you son in law deserve to have a good time.

  • Thanks for sharing. You sure know how to make one get hot. I am dripping now thinking about what you have experienced.

  • What difference does it make, the story is hot and I like it. Keep your snide remarks to yourself and let the rest of us enjoy.

  • This site isn't for made up, erotic novels. There are way more than enough sites for that. It's for true, real life confessions. You know, things that the confessor has actually experienced and not just cooked up in their mind.

  • I agree so what is your point? Just because she can write good does not mean that it is not a true confession. gee go somewhere else if you cannot enjoy a confessions without being judgmental.

  • I don't know too may 57 year olds that call their v***** their c**t ...I am calling BS on this confession.

  • LOL, where have you been? All the younger ones refer it as a cu**

  • If my wife told me I could have my mother n law, I would jump on that like a duck on a june bug. She is hot and sexy. She sure temps me sometimes, especially when she puts on her shortie night gown and walks thru the house before going to bed. She has a black lacy one and a red lacy one, and has nothing under them. Her breast bounce and her butt wiggles.

  • Same here...I would take her immidiatly

  • I agree. My ex's mum was a very fit and attractive lady. She had made passes at me but I was too timid that time. Wish I had taken her up.

  • That is one hot story. I am so happy for you that your daughter and son in law understands. I am a widow and wish my son in law would taste my honey pot. Reading you confessions has made me so wet and It has planted some ideas in my head. Maybe my son in law will help me out. He is a handsome muscular man and very sexy looking.

  • You should go for it. A few years ago my wife took a once in a life time career move . The money was huge but meant she would be traveling all the time. It wasn't out of the ordinary for her to be gone for three weeks at a time. My mother in law who was in her fifties at the time stepped in to help with the kids , and making dinners a few nights a week.
    One night after the kids were in bed we were having some wine and talking , I mentioned I missed my wife, she had been gone for two weeks at that point , my mother in law started laughing and said try going without s** for three years. She explained that my father in law had not touched her, he has no interest in s**. That night we helped each other out, I was surprised at how sexual my mother in law really was .The following week ,when my wife came home I told her what had happened ,she laughed at how bad I felt then she confessed to setting it up with her mother. We have continued to have s** while my wife works away. I'm sure my wife is having her fun too.

  • Do it don't waste time lure him for you to enjoy to the max. go girl enjoy

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