My life as a transvestite

I was born in 1963 and adopted as a baby by two wealthy maiden ladies, who I eventually learnt were lesbians. As a child growing up I was very pretty with long curly hair right from a baby. In their wisdom they decided to let me develop as a girl and so I was brought up as female.
When I started school at the age of six I played with other girls and avoided boys and by the age of ten I was feeling fully feminine. my Aunts, as I called them would dress me in flouncy dresses with petticoats, little ankle socks and pretty shoes.
I loved the attention I was getting and none more so than Mr Jackson our gardener. Now, Mr Jackson had a large shed in the grounds of our house, where he kept his gardening things and had his cup of tea and lunch. He had always made a great fuss of me and I loved sitting on his knee while he told me stories.
However, as I got older he became much more attentive, which I must say I did like. One summers day I popped down to the shed for a chat, I was eleven years old in a bright summer dress, he commented on how lovely I looked. He was sitting in his old armchair, I went over to him, he stopped me and said "careful I'm all grubby just let me take of my overalls before you sit on me". He undid the straps and they dropped to his ankles and as I looked at him I felt a sort of "rush", a nervousness. Mr Jackson had sat back down, I could see he had no underwear on and I could see what I now know to be an erect p****. He reached forward and drew me to him and I could feel that p**** go between my legs, he adjusted his position and then I felt it against my knickers, I also felt that "rush" again.
It was different that day, he started bouncing me up and down on his lap, I felt the p**** rubbing against me, I had my first feeling of arousal, my own little p**** had grown. Mr Jackson was kissing my neck, I felt his hand on my leg, then on my knickers, then on my p****, "your a little boy" he exclaimed, "my darling your lovely, really lovely", then I felt the wetness on my knickers, of course he was c******.
That day was my turning point, my relationship with Mr Jackson grew more and more sexual. At twelve I visited his house and he took me to bed and gently buggered me and from then on I was his little girl.
Eventually Mr Jackson died and I have never married, but I have been a lady all my life. I have had boyfriends but the relationship never lasts. I'm still attractive, well off, happy and own a fashion boutique.

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