Don’t believe her. Can’t prove it.

Came home early one day
Got home one day and found my wife crying on the bed. She had been raped and the man had gone out the back door just before I arrived.
There were three or more slimy wet spots on the matress.
I started to call the police but she stopped me. Said she didn’t know who he was and she was too embarrassed to report it. She couldn’t go through all of that. She didn’t want the neighbors or our families to know about it.
I questioned her.
She said it was just one man.
How long was he here?
How did he get in?
How many times did he rape her?
What did he look like?
How old?
How did he force her?
What did he make her do?

Her answers were not responsive. She had to think about it too long before saying anything and when I repeated a question in a little different way, I got more than a little different answer.
I started pushing to have the police investigate and have a rape examination at the hospital for evidence. She just kept telling me she was too embarrassed and she was sure they would never catch him.
I don’t believe her but I can’t prove It.

Feb 29, 2020

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  • I was raped b4

    my s k y p e is annie price 123

  • All of your proof was in her answers and refusal to report her "rape". C'mon man, you got home too soon for her to get dressed and he got out just in time.

  • You know the old saying, "Trust, yet verify"? I recommend you trust your wife. If she's telling the truth it is not unreasonable she would react differently to what you would expect. Rape affects women differently, it's not a one size-fits all type of event. However, you should also give credence to your gut instincts. What will it hurt to purchase a hidden camera and place it strategically in your bedroom? You can get them with an SD port to extend the recording time, and some will let you view via your cell-phone. Until proof is obtained to the contrary of her story, support your wife emotionally and physically as best you can. Be tender with her, make time for her, and woo her like you did when you were dating. Make sure she knows you love and care for her. Either way, whichever scenario is true; this can be overcome and healed.

  • Watch a miniseries on Netflix called "unbelievable"

  • I think you’re married to my ex wife. She’d say something like, “I only had s** with one guy” (meaning one at a time).
    If there were more than one slug trail, I’d say several guys were there. That’s what happened when I came home and found spots on our bed. She’d had a lover that brought his buddies with him and they g********* her.
    She’ll never be anything but a lying w**** so get used to it or get rid of her.

  • Unfortunately, I've seen this before. I think that your gut feeling is correct. It seems that she thought that she had a greater window, and that your coming home was unexpected. She had to scramble for a cover story. That it kept changing strongly suggests she was up to no good.
    Yet, at the same time, you know her better than most. My thoughts are to weigh it out before making any major decisions. Like if you feel that you need to walk away, do it because after careful thought, you're doing it because it's right for you, and not just because you're angry.
    This is something that needs to be resolved because it will eat you and your marriage alive if it's just left hanging.
    All my best

  • She was messing around on you. Why she doesn't want the police involved? Changing stories? She cheated!!

  • What if she has been through all the cop and court ordeal and scared to possibly deal with such an ongoing terror....

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