My best friend aroused me

So this was something happened last month...
I have a female best friend who is 19 years old same as my age, let's name her Z ... she had come back from her college in another city during her vacations. she is a cute girl shorter at 5'2 and shorter than me and was somewhat attractive.
So she had a doubt in Java programming and called me over to her house urgently. I left dressing casually with just a shirt and joggers as it was a hot day.
when I went there w had to work on one PC and there was one chair she was sitting on. When I arrived she got up to let me sit in the chair.
Now as I was working and showing her how to solve her programming doubts she came closer to me and eventually put her hand on my thing so as she was using it as a support to stand close.
She later moved her hand little upward and almost place her palm on my crotch just next to my d***.
I don't know what happened but that kind of gave me a half b**** I guess she didn't notice anything that was going on. Later about 5 mins she was tired of standing and asked me that can she sit on my lap.
Before I even answered anything she jumped onto my lap was sitting on my lap on both of my legs, that kind of aroused me more and she was shifting and squirming on my lap so as to find a comfortable spot.
She was wearing tight jeans and a tank top.
that friction from her jeans on my lap kind of made me a little more hard, She leaned her self back on me to get comfortable and my crotch where I was getting a hardon was just above her sweet round butt.
Then after 5 mins, she got up my lap to grab her phone from the table, me thinking this was a good chance to adjust myself to hide my hard member she unexpectedly sat back down. I quickly reacted and removed my hand out of her way but my hard member was still hard and more erect was in her way between my lap and her butt.
Eventually, she sat right on top my privates my d*** and my b**** hurt as her weight came crashing down on my lap.
A quick moan left my mouth as she crushed my b**** with her butt by sitting on it. She turned back to me and asked: "Is everything okay what happened ?" I replied "Nothing ...I just think you need to lose some weight u are heavy".
with that, she grinned and started bouncing more to hurt and irritate me more as she usually does while playing.
But little did she know the kind of effect it had on me and my b**** she was bouncing directly on my d*** and b**** and I felt like my b**** would explode whereas she hardly weighs 50 kgs.
I was surprised by the fact that didn't realise or came to know what she was sitting on and she kept squirming in my lap to get comfortable.
at the same time, I felt kind of great and her butt in jeans grindded on my lap right on my d***, it was like I was getting an unknowing lap dance from my best friend.
My member was really hard by this and I think she came to know coz she told me "Dude I think I am sitting on your phone, I think I m sitting on something". I asked her to shift a bit so that I can actually remove my phone thinking that she would sit in a different position little away from my privates.
But things got worse she leaned herself to the other side shifting her right buttcheek up causing her entire weight to come on my left ball and d***. She almost squished my left ball by sitting on it in that position for about 10 secs till I took out my phone. I hurried quickly with my hands shivering from the pain. her butt was a bit bony I felt.
that really hurt very bad and tears almost came outta my eyes as I quickly took the phone out so that she can sit back properly.
When she finally sat again properly I took a deep sigh of relief.
she then squirmed a bit more and bounced a bit on my lap to get comfortable I quickly told "I think you sat on the clotted shirt" to which she said "oh Yes maybe that's what coming in my way"
and saying this she grinded on my lap a bit more in her tight jeans and crossed her legs and sat there shaking her legs.
that friction of her butt in jeans to my lap really had it coz that really made unbearable. For as after some time, I came hard and my jogger I guess was soaked in the c**.
she just sat there oblivious of the things she did to me and what her squirming and bouncing in my lap did to me.
As soon as we finished our work I excused my self and ran to the bathroom
when I came back my pants had the c** stains which I tried to hide
I was really embarrassed but she, on the other hand, didn't even know what just happened to me because of her.

Mar 3, 2020

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  • Dude, you are an insecure dumb ass. She wanted you to f*** her!

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