He just found out

My buddy married the girl he dated all through high school, They started dating at like 16 or whatever, One night while we were all partying she was laying on the couch and had her feet on my lap, I looked over and could see the bottom of her bum cheeks, I don't know where he was but I reached over and playfully lifted her skirt , I expected to get slapped but she didn't even flinch, Back in the day she was...Cute, Not like super hot or anything but cute for sure, She had the whole "Girl next door" thing going on, Brunette, Reasonably pretty, Short, Slim, Small chested but she always had a great bum, Small, Round, Firm, Perfect size, Shape and everything.
So anywhooo, She had on a thong and from what he has always said that's all she wears and all she has worn since she was like 12, So being she was letting me look at her bum I reached over and grabbed it giving it a wiggle, She looked back and said "Hey, hands off" but didn't stop me, I kept jiggling it and she carried on playing video games, I slid a finger down between her thighs and she stuck her bum up a bit then scrambled away, turned around and looked at me shaking her finger at me.
As the night carried on someone showed up with some booze and we all started drinking, Obviously I had begun to get a bit more into her since I had already been feeling her up, It was just her and about 5-6 of us guys and she was being fed a bit more alcohol than the rest of us, We had her doing shots and so on, she dancing and pretty much was the center of attention and my buddy had unclipped her bra, She just had a tank top on and she drunkenly put up a little bit of a fight but not much as he peeled her bra out from under her top.
She didn't have great b****, Kind of small, Not super firm and kind of bigger areolae, Probably a couple inches across but looking back now and after having seen many less impressive ones since they were perfectly symmetrical, Exact same size, Same shape and her nips were identical, Everyone was having a laugh watching her dance and watching her b**** wiggle, You could see through her shirt a bit and when her nips got hard they were really hard, A couple times we seen down her shirt and a couple times a b*** would slip out. She was always flirty and playful and had been going around the table shaking her bum and b**** at guys and everyone including me was copping feels whenever possible.
It got a bit more interesting when she was sitting on my lap, grinding and messing around and then she sat back against me, I went for it and slid my hands up her shirt and she put her hands on her head as I massaged her b****, I looked around because back then he would have killed me in a fight and I didn't really feel like getting beat up but he was no where to be seen, Luckily he was outside at the time and she got off my lap before he came back, A little while later after we had all been watching her for probably an hour my buddy and all but me and one other friend had gone to another place three doors down to do some stuff leaving her there to put on a show for us.
We were drunk and having fun and she was lap dancing for us, She came back to me and sat on my lap, I decided to go for it and put my hands on her thighs, Spread her legs and she let me, I pulled her panties to the side and the other friend who was there jumped right in. Within seconds he had his pants down, I shuffled mine down and I had her sitting on my c*** while she gave our other buddy head. If her then boyfriend would have walked in he would have beat the s*** out of both of us but obviously we didn't care anymore. We moved her to the couch and both pounded her hard, I know that night she got multiple loads and back then I remember quite often finishing and continuing until getting off a second and on the odd occasion a third time, I know he came in her mouth at the end because she was laying on the couch face down with her head to the side, I had already came in her mouth and she swallowed it all then sucked me till I was hard again, I was face f****** her and he was doing her from behind, We switched and I started pounding her, I looked down at her round little bum and she had a cushion under her hips making her bum stick up, She had the most beautiful little bum hole, Small, Pink and wrinkly, Probably had never had anything it it yet and I decided to be the first, I lubed up my thumb and my friend watched as I shoved it in her bum, She tried slapping my hand away but I buried my thumb in her and she grunted while he held her shoulders down and came in her mouth, She was trying to swallow and gagging and grunting and finally spit his c*** out and half his load, She was half crying and said "I don't like that, take it out, it hurts" and I came in her while holding my thumb all the way in, I did finally pull my thumb out and just slowly f***** her while coming.
Eventually I pulled out and she stumbled off crying, I didn't see her again that night but we cleaned up and left to go look for everyone else, I fully expected to get the s*** beat out of me some time in the coming days but it never happened. I seen her lots after that, Like every second or third day, Almost every weekend and she never said a word to me about it, He never said anything and I just left it at that until last night.........
So at 42, After 3 kids he decided to cheat on her, Banged some stupid b**** from the bar and got caught, She got totally p***** and in the aftermath blurted out that she f***** me and the other friend who we don't hang out with anymore but me and him are still close. He came over more sad than angry and from what he told me that she had told him she remembered it ALL. He was quite upset that we did that to him but more than that he wanted to know everything, He wanted to know what happened, What we did, What was true and what wasn't and I had to tell him the whole thing was true, I laid out every detail and he just took a deep breath, stood up, Looked at me and said "If you would have asked I would have let you" and walked out.
Not sure where this leaves us and I am kind of worried about what he might do but...I did what I did and if I have to pay for it now I guess that's just life.


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  • Damn. why'd you shove a finger in her ass? that's not how you have s** like that. If you're not willing to eat and tongue her ass for an hour before you try anything with it, you shouldn't be doing that. You definitely didn't deserve to be the first one in there. sick f***

  • Just goes to show they may say stop but deep down they are begging to f*** and suck guys off

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