Coronavirus may turn out to be karma in action if it decimates the human population of Earth . For thousands of years humans have murdered and mistreated each other and murdered and mistreated animals , insects , birds and fishes of every variety . Coronavirus may be the beginning of payback time for us humans .

Mar 8, 2020

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  • Another disease welcomed to the world thanks to the dirty unclean yellow f******.
    All world diseases start from poor people, be it ebola, with the nignogs playing in filth, to the current corona. These lower class citizens make me sick. No need for poverty in Africa, they're just lazy bastards. Get up, and get working, don't just sit there too bone idol to wipe the flys off your eyeballs, get a job and clean up you filthy homes!
    That will stop these viruses.

  • If we had a smaller population, we would have less impact on the environment.

  • Tell that to every moron who thinks they just HAVE to make babies. Trying to reason with them never works... well, maybe now Nature is TELLING us to back off. You can't afford to be subtle or gentle with stupid people.

  • We treat each other like we treat the earth.
    Someday, nature will retaliate.

  • I'd say we're living through a "someday" right about now, wouldn't you??
    Don't worry though, humans won't learn from it.

  • It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Will we as a society develop reistance to it? Will it really become a pandemic like the outbreak after WW1 - 40 million dead?

  • One positive thing about pandemics and natural disasters is that they do not care about humans. A multi-millionaire or parent of a litter of "precious" cherubs has just as much chance of biting it as a homeless person. Nature has a way of putting things in perspective, and I love how this truth flies right in the face of people who think they are "better than." How does it feel to have that illusion ripped away? Ha Ha!

  • The only way this could be taken seriously is if literally no one was safe.
    This is indeed the case, and there are *still* people who are in denial or not taking it seriously or otherwise dgaf.
    That is because either 1) humanity is pretty f****** dumb for an "intelligent" species or 2) there are too many morons on the planet. Not sure which one it is, but I do wish this virus only went after them.

  • ITA! That's what's freaking people out the most. It's not like the early years of AIDS (for example) where it was only "'those' people" getting sick.

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