Ginger women

Ginger haired women are thee most superior humans on earth. Beautiful beyond anything else.

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  • Honey

    Let me give you some motherly advice.

    1) you are beautiful. Red hair is beautiful and a red BUSH is amazing and truly a gift. Yes some men don’t like gingers. But those that do go absolutely crazy for them.

    2) you are well endowed another blessing

    3) all that is a cute petite 4’11” package.

    You are a goddess. Don’t forever it !

  • Thank you! :)

  • I love a ginger ** !
    You sound really **:-
    14years old
    Ginger (unshaved ** ? )
    Tiny 4 feet 11".
    Nice big 36c ** !
    I'm hard thinking about you.
    I'd love to ** you in your school uniform !

  • Hey, leave her alone. She's only 14. Though, I do question why she mentioned her breast size

  • Because lots of men comment on them it was for reference I didn't mean for it to come off thirsty

  • Anyway, you're clearly an attractive young women. Don't let it bother you that men find you attractive. Look at things from a different angle. Some girls would kill for what you have haha

  • I'm a natural ginger I've always hated my hair color I want to be blonde so bad the problem is lots of hairdressers are scared to dye my hair because they think I'll regret it. It ** because it's very sexualized by people even grown men (im 14) I have red hair, I'm 4'11" , I wear glasses, and have 36C ** I look so much older then what I am even in public people will ask for my number or if I'm single and get so awkward when I tell them my age. I've been told by male teachers I'm every guys dream girl. The worst part is I have extreme anxiety and self esteem issues and being told stuff like that has worsened my self image

  • I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. Though, I have to say, it would give many people more confidence if they're deemed very attractive to other people.
    Lastly, no one can help whom they feel attracted to. For me I love red haired woman and a pale skin tone.

  • I get that but my 40 year old teacher telling me if I was older he would "be in trouble with his wife" is awkward for me. Even if I did have a crush on him it was embarrassing to feel like I'm only noticed for my body. Because part of me wants to dress like girls my age but I'm not built like girls my age I don't want to choose between feeling cute in a outfit and being cat called and ** shamed, ya know?

  • Hmm I'm 46 and however much I like women and redheads I'd never say stuff like that. You're teacher went way over the top. Keep those thoughts in the head

  • He ended up quiting so did my other male teacher who often flirted with me

  • Why? Because he wanted you?

  • Idk my one moved after a other girl reported him abt his comments on me. My other one moved middle of the year no explanation

  • Yes of course I get that. Though, never ever let anyone ** shame you. Men are jealous because they want you, or women are jealous they want to be you. Be a kind and thoughtfull person, that's all that matters

  • I know. I'm very grateful for my body sometimes and other times not so much. It hurts when my dad tells me I'm a ** or I'm over weight. I don't appreciate complements just not super over sexualized ones

  • Why on earth would your dad say that to his own daughter!?! Terrible. He's jealous that other men want you

  • That's what my mom tells me. He tells me my ** is too big and I'm over weight or too stupid for guy to love that I'm gonna be alone forever because I don't have personality, when I made the cheer team I was a base he said I'd never get a boyfriend Because no body wants to date a base they make fat girls the base. He did the same to my sister she is married now but on antidepressants she helps me the most. My therapist is starting me on antidepressants and antianxiety meds.

  • Thats absolutely vulgar how you're dad could say such vile things to his own children or anyone, really. Your mother should divorce him.
    This may be rude of me to say so, but I don't think medication is what you need. Its obvious where the problem lies. Ignore your dad and tell yourself you're worth more than he ever will be

  • I know he treats my mother the same way me and my siblings have asked her to divorce. He is just a piece of **. And the world's biggest hippocrat

  • My father said and did way worse stuff to me. He expected me to ace every single class so I could earn scholarships and go to college, but wouldn't do anything to help-- I would have never gotten on any school team ever, because that costs money and great, now he's gotta drive me to practices and bla bla bla. Not that I had the social skill to be in any clubs anyway, because from literally the first day of kindergarten he was screaming and hitting and calling me a "** idiot" all the time. Getting called fat, getting abuse for having t!tt!ies? Check. Bet your dad didn't backhand you across the face for the most inane reasons-- that would not have flown with your cheerleading coach. People have had it even worse than you and your sister.

  • My mother has had to put makeup on me to cover up black eyes. I didn't want to put that first thing because I would sound like I'm looking for pitty. Yea he tells me in fat but won't let me do sports other than cheerleading and even then he says in I'm the fattest ** the squad. He told my brother with autism he is a notch and screamed at him which my brother is very sensitive to sound and loud noises. Doesn't sound like our fathers are very different I just don't want to sound like a attention **.

  • Do**

  • As a brunette woman I have to agree. I was always jealous that my hubby lusted over gingers. Then I found out his ex before we met was ginger.

    I found her and we got to know each other. We actually became good friends. One day last year my husband came home early from a business trip and found his ginger ex and myself enjoying some girl:girl time.

    Nothing more Beautiful than a fire red bush. Except maybe this light pink areola and **

    I’m getting wet and mouth is watering just thinking about her

  • I think me, you and your husband have the same taste in women 😉
    Red heads are ** little minx

  • Ps. I hope you get more of her **. Im jealous if you do

  • We enjoy at least 1 or 2 licks a week. I get her more often than I give it up to my husband:)

  • Stop it. I want some 🤣

  • My hubby had to go to the office for a meeting today and the kids were in school.

    Mommy got to eat some kitty for lunch and got her kitty eaten too.

    It was a purrr fect day. I was so glad my friend could ** by for a visit

  • He's going to be gutted he's missing out on 2 good **'s.
    Be kind, and let him have yous both

  • He does get both. But there are rules.

    He always ** Andrea first. He and I make passionate love but when he is with Andrea he ** her HARD. I love watching him pound her. She said he always did her rough even back in college.

    Then after he fills her up with **. I jump in give his ** a quick ** and then dive in and lick her ** clean. And if I am lucky and my hubby is feeling naughty he enters me from behind. When he does I make sure I ** on Andrea’s ** and make her **. Because when she screams and moans he starts banging me hard.

    There is just something about her that drives him crazy and I love it

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