Naked driving

I have a long drive to work. Over 600 kilometres. I drive most of this with no pants on, playing with my c*** the whole time. I edge my self close to c****** the whole way. I get so damn h****. One time I went to far and started to c**. I clamped my first over the end of my c*** so c** didn’t go everywhere, but some still escaped and went on the steering wheel and floor. Another time I had to release while driving, I was just too h****. I had a cloth ready this time. It feels so good to o***** while driving. Spraying my c** out onto my self.

Mar 8, 2020

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  • What OP doesn't mention is that he's a bus driver...

  • OP here. I’m not a bus driver. I drive my personal car. I’m on my long drive as I write this, no pants on, c** at the tip of my c***.

  • I love driving with my t*** out, and windows down, so guys get a good look at my nice big b**** and big pink nipples. I have had a few take pictures, or ask me to pull over

  • That is so hot. I wish I would run across someone doing that during their commute. I work from home now but when I had a 45 minute drive, I would sometimes take my shirt and bra off because knowing that someone could go past me and see always makes me so h****.

  • When I overtake other cars, if it’s a female driving, I will continue to m********* hoping she will see me stroking my hard c***

  • I want to j*** off for you

  • I’d be happy to let you

  • Nicer if you did it for me

  • I’d be glad to, I’d even let you c** in my mouth

  • Love to eat your p**** while you suck me

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