I am turned on when superhero characters are weak

It doesn't matter about the gender of the hero at all when they are weakened I get turned on. Examples include:
1. Supergirl being weakened by Livewire's electrical blasts or kryptonite
2. Superman being drained by The Parasite rendered weak from kryptonite.
3. The Gray version of The Hulk being weak. Something quite brutish being all weak and vulnerable seems to be particularly hot to me.

Mar 9, 2020

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  • I have to admit I liked it in Smallville when Supergirl was cuffed in Kryptonite handcuffs...

  • Power is an interesting thing.

    Maybe you feel powerless and when a superhero is weakened you feel affinity to them.

    I had zero power as a kid. Parents were totally controlling of every aspect of my life. My hair, clothes, friends, food. Everything. Even when I went to the toilet. If I did not obey them then I was caned and let me tell you the pain of the cane is insane and so I avoided it. Maybe that is why I am so messed up now and end up at web sites like this.

  • It's not that. It's something strong suddenly vulnerable...

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