Cold feels good

You are Weak

Jan 7, 2017

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  • Rat face and fat chick eat s***

  • You wish I was weak £ckr

  • I don't get it and I don't the comments either

  • You are obsessed

  • Clearly.

  • Clearly. You malady your personal ugliness with the ignorance of strangers.

  • "malady"? English, m0therfucker!

  • ^^^^^ at least I'm not an a****** like you

  • You are ignant

  • "ignant"? English, m0therfucker!

  • Clearly..

  • I share your enthusiasm for the cold, but not your need to put others down.

  • Normally I would agree with you, but when too many really stupid people clump together (like this site), the impulse to lay into morons becomes too strong to resist. It's a socially-acceptable predator response to "kill" the weak this way, and you are all fortunate that I choose this route.

  • Oh you share it? I shat it.

  • Yep and the crowd goes wild, genius.

  • The crowd are stupid sheeple

  • Woooooo!

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