I watched my mom and sister undress for showers .

I would wait for my mom and sister to go take a shower and then peek thru our pump house opening
I would watch them undress completely then wait for them to dry off After they finished I would go in the bathroom and get their panties from the hamper I would lay a towel on the floor lay there panties inside out and sniff them while I dry humped on the towel Then I would c** on the panel of their panties I can’t begin to think how many times I don’t this
I enjoyed seeing their naked bodies and then smelling their scent as I released on their panties

Mar 14, 2020

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  • Has anyone ever touched their sister ?

  • I've fingered my sister but that's as far as I've got.

  • So freaking hot ! I wish I could have spied in my sisters

  • I am not proud of spying on my sister, but I have to say, in the days before the internet, it helped me through puberty. Years later I told my sister about my spying on her, she was both embarrassed and flattered. I told her that while I feel bad for doing it, if I had it to do all over again, I would not change a thing. As I said before, it helped me through puberty!

  • I am guilty of spying on my sister when she would shower when I was growing up. I was 14 and she 17 and one day I accidentally discovered that she would shower with the bathroom window open. When going through puberty, the desire to see someone naked can be overwhelming.

  • I spied on my sister once when she was 15 and I was 17. Never told her though. Years later we discussed the subject and she told me her second husband was all into trying to get pics of her and putting them on the net, I don’t know if he did but they did divorce. She told me that as a teen he told her that he had peeped on his sisters and she was appalled that he would have done that so you know that I could not tell her that I had done the same to her but I did mention that several of my friends back then did check out there sisters, I think she got message😎

  • I hate to say how often I beat one off peaking and touching

  • I was 13 she was 9

  • True for sure , we had a camper too sometimes after watching her I would take her panties and have fun

  • I've done the same. almost every guy has I'm sure. I went one step ahead, i took pics to remember it all. If you wanna see, email me. daveocean007 at gmail. keep on perving bro

  • Wow that’s awesome I wish I had done that but I was sitting in a dark pump house peeking into the bathroom lol I sent email from fetishworld

  • Did you ever get caught peeking or jerking off?

  • I did the same stuff growing up ! That’s Norma for boys to want to see erotic things

  • I recently ran across a poll that asked this question to teenagers. Guys, If you had the opportunity to see your sister in the shower naked, would you? Over 75% of guys said yes they would. Even more surprising was a similar question asked of teen girls that if they could spy on their brothers in the shower, would they? 73% said yes!

  • I believe that because in puberty I was always hard and my sister always was saying how big it was in my pants . And we would skinny dip so I know she wanted to see it lol

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