I watched my mom and sister undress for showers .

I would wait for my mom and sister to go take a shower and then peek thru our pump house opening
I would watch them undress completely then wait for them to dry off After they finished I would go in the bathroom and get their panties from the hamper I would lay a towel on the floor lay there panties inside out and sniff them while I dry humped on the towel Then I would c** on the panel of their panties I can’t begin to think how many times I don’t this
I enjoyed seeing their naked bodies and then smelling their scent as I released on their panties

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  • So freaking hot ! I wish I could have spied in my sisters

  • I am guilty of spying on my sister when she would shower when I was growing up. I was 14 and she 17 and one day I accidentally discovered that she would shower with the bathroom window open. When going through puberty, the desire to see someone naked can be overwhelming.

  • I was 13 she was 9

  • True for sure , we had a camper too sometimes after watching her I would take her panties and have fun

  • I've done the same. almost every guy has I'm sure. I went one step ahead, i took pics to remember it all. If you wanna see, email me. daveocean007 at gmail. keep on perving bro

  • Wow that’s awesome I wish I had done that but I was sitting in a dark pump house peeking into the bathroom lol I sent email from fetishworld

  • Did you ever get caught peeking or jerking off?

  • I did the same stuff growing up ! That’s Norma for boys to want to see erotic things

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