My friends all say i'm insane......

........ Because next Saturday night I'm marrying a 19yo h***** I met on the street in new orleans at mardi gras. I'm 51. She's a magnificent s*** and I can improve her life immeasurably. But my friends say I've lost my mind for binding myself to a w****, but I can't help it: I am in love.

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  • Under normal circustances,given her sexual background, you might only have had to worry about certain H-brand life-long or life-threatening STDs (HIV, Hepatitis, herpes, etc.), but since you met your w****-fiancee. (1) in NEW ORLEANS , 2) IN A LARGE CROWD) ;


    you might want to consider getting tested FOR CO-VID 19.

    I'm not sure you could have made any poorer decisions. Please please please PLEASE do not compound this unnatural disaster by marrying this Petri dish. If you don't already regret ALLthese decisions, you certainly will and soon.

  • Sometimes an older man has to shake things up and be a little crazy. Get a pre-nup.

  • Great move, Pop. She’s using you, of course, but nothing wrong with that if you use her too.
    Your buddies won’t think your crazy if you let them have a freebie, the first time. After that, they have to pay a nominal fee.
    You could let them bring friends they trust but the rates will be a lot higher. She’ll know what to charge.

    It’s pretty likely she’ll leave you anyway when she gets herself straightened out but y’all can have some good times and she’ll have a little cash saved up when she’s ready to move on.
    Who knows, she might enjoy the setup a lot better than working for a p*** or on her own, and decide to stay, or at least remain good friends with you.

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