She needs guidance

I work at a private highschool as a counsellor. Every week I have a particularly dysfunctional girl (12yrs) who has to report to me to have a behavior sheet signed. She only can get it signed if no incidents of truancy or disrespect have occurred.

She is a superbly attractive little girl but her manner is rough and rude.
About 3 weeks ago she got penalties on her behavior card ...again. She was so mad that she had got caught (truancy) but not even a little apologetic.

When she walked in two weeks ago the first thing she said was "did you get my presents." I had no idea and she said check your phone. There were multiple (just received) messages of her sitting in my office fingering herself and photos of her v*****. I was so shocked. She said you have to sign my card every week or I will tell everyone you molested me.

She is an evil evil child - very manipulative. I found out her father and mother are very renowned people and very absent which explains her acting up.

I spent a week unable to function, very angry and depressed. I knew if I reported this or she did it wouldn't matter - that would be life over for me. End of my career the lot.

This week she had the smug look of triumph on her face when she came for the meeting. I told her I won't be signing her card and I have a meeting booked with both her parents.

She had a total meltdown. So I relented and opted for a bj instead. I have crossed a line and will cross it again. Apparently she isnt a virgin but we will see next week. I feel a lot safer she is a lot more scared of her parents and now every week she will get a good behavior report so it works out for everyone.

Mar 17, 2020

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  • This is all total bullshit. You're supposed to be a school counselor who is responsible for this child's challenging behavior and you "just found out" who her parents were?? B U L L S H I T !

  • This smells like total BS to me.

  • Im calling the police

  • You probably wouldn’t have got into trouble if you didn’t get the bj. Now you are seriously screwed. Might as well give your new master a f*******.

  • So..... You must tell us!!! Have you two lovebirds consummated the relationship yet???!??
    Please tell us everything!!!!!

  • As another teacher, i can vouch for this. My 'girlfriend' is also 12 and thankfully at the school i teach there's many places for privacy. My only problem is lasting long enough but thankfully I can rise again quickly.

  • If there's any justice in the world, both you and the OP will soon be in prison. #pedopervs

  • You definitely did the right thing. Sometimes you just to let the kid have the victory--and this was one of those times. Now just enjoy her! Good for you!

  • Totally true, this^. And it's ten times sweeter when She Is the aggressor in the relationship
    You are an incredibly lucky man. Take good care of her.

  • I think she is the one in control here

  • She will be great as a lover. You will be so aroused as you lift her skirt and pull her knickers down, but you must wear a condom otherwise you will make her pregnant. Take all your clothes off as her twelve year old body will feel gorgeous, wrap her legs around your waist and pull her against you as far as you can, she will squeal a bit but it adds to the pleasure.
    You will e******** more than you have ever done before. Kiss her at the point you feel yourself about to e********, it adds a loving sensual feeling to the act.

  • That is why you do them younger so they won't get preggy, about 9 is nice

  • Dped age nine

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