Not what I planned, but . . .

I'm a 26 yo guy, just married a 19 yo girl in December(she's 20 now). I have had a mistress throughout the relationship with my wife. She is 49 and she's totally the hottest POA in history. You cannot imagine how incredibly filthy she is. She is what they refer to as a "Holy W****"; made this way by God himself. I cannot live without her. I could easily live without my wife . . . . easily. But I have to have Dianne. mUST. Now, Dianne says she's leaving her husband and children, because she is so tired of ALL oF THEM getting in the way of her spend ing time f****** me when she wants to. My fear is that once she's free to f*** she'll either give me an ultimatum. --- which I will totally capitulate to. ---
o r confront my wife to let her know I'm her (Dianne's) property, or blow up my family) or start f****** other guys. She's capable of any or all of those things, if she doesn't get EXACTLY what she wants. It's not what I had planned, but I can't lose her. I WON'T lose her.

Mar 16, 2020

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  • Control. You are both using each other...

  • Dude, watch out for Dianne. Sounds like she is has you on a least and is walking you down a dangerous path. She has the harness around both your neck and b****.

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