What should i do with my mom ??

My mom does everything in front of me . She changes clothea takes bath in front of me. While she changes or takes bath she opens her bra . I could she her body nude but not pussey . She wears stringing panties and i could she the curvea from wet panty . She opens with me in nity . And sometimes at niight i would she chut of her as she dont wear panty and bra at night . Sometimes i get h**** . What should i do ???

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  • Isn't it obvious? How many signs is your mother going to have to give you?

  • Get physically closer with her. Hug her from behind so that she can feel your hard-on on her bum. Kiss her on the cheeks to start with. If she reciprocate, kiss on her lips. Gradually longer the kisses so that she responds to your lips and tongue. She will gradually melt on your arms to take her bed. F*** her ....

  • Let her walk in on you jerking off and moaning "oh mommmmyyyyyy" maybe she'll j*** you off at least.

  • Stop cooking curry in the house with the windows and doors closed, you lot stink!

  • Mow the lawn and reformat your hard drive. Wash the dishes. Check the roof for leaks. Apply for a job.

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