Lovely afternoon

Yesterday I came home from nightshift at 7:30 in the morning, I was supposed to be heading to my parents after work but that all changed so my room mate wasn't expecting me home. I had her move in 6 months ago and she is a friend of a friend of a friend who needed a place after splitting with her boyfreind and it was supposed to be short term but she is still there.
Jackie is not super hot, She is about 5'5", Chubby, 140 ish pounds (I am terrible at guessing), Blonde and has kind of crooked teeth and not hot but she does have huge b00bies, So I get home and come walking along the side of the house, All the stars aligned and I stopped to pick up a beer bottle laying in the grass, If I hadn't I would have strolled right past the window that faces the neighbors house but I picked up the bottle and looked into the window and there was Jackie, Sitting at the coffee table in a tank top and a pair of shorts, She had her laptop on the coffee table and I just stopped and peeked in to see what she was up to.
I could see that she had the front blinds closed which are almost never closed and the living room was dark but dark for daylight so I could still see good, she sat back watching something but it was chilly so the windows were closed and couldnt hear anything. I watched while she started playing with her hair and then after a couple minutes she pulled her shorts out and shoved her hand in them. I was like WHOA!!! here we go. I instantly grabbed my phone and started recording while I hid between the houses, She was rubbing and tapping and fingering while looking down her shorts.
After a couple minutes she pulled down her shorts and spread her legs, I could see that she is shaved bald with just a little pink p****, she started going back to work and I got an idea, I propped my phone up against the widown and made sure it was recording and zoomed in, I sneaked to the front door and had my key in my hand reaching for the lock when I remembered that the front door is noisy so I crept down the other side of the house to the back door and stuck the key in, I unlocked it as quiet as possible but thought she may have still heard it and bolted for her room. I opened the door and closed it super quiet since I could hear some p*** and figured she was still in the living room, I crept to the living room and...YUP...She was still there, Leaning back, Legs spread, One and rubbing her p**** and the other squeezing one of her great big t*** through her shirt.
I dropped my pants and stepped into view giving her the ole "American pie...Need a hand with that?" and she started shaking and her mouth dropped open as she stared at me panting like a dog, She looked like she was about to start crying so I stepped in front of her, Slid her laptop to the side and sat on the coffee table in front of her and put my hands on her knees, She didn't even resist as I pushed her knees apart. I got on my knees and went down on her and the second my tongue touched her bald little p**** she started to shake, I only licked her for a minute or so and she was ready, I stood up and grabbed her shirt pulling it over her head. Her t*** are huge, Big, Veiny, Pink t*** with big pink areolas like a coffee mug and big pink nipples on them, she looked up at me and with no glasses and no makeup she actually has pretty eyes.
Jackie still hadn't said a word and with her big blue eyes looking up at me she leaned forward and started sucking me, I basically let her make it wet and she was dragging her teeth and not doing a good job at all so I pushed her back, Lifted her legs and slid her forward, I knew exactly where my phone was pointing so I had to keep her in the frame I lifted her legs and I had to ask if she was ok, She was breathing rapidly and shaking, She just swalloed hard and nodded yes, I grabbed my c*** and started sliding it in her and she closed her eyes and moaned "Oh g-g-god y-yesss", I pounded her hard in every position that I figured would make a good scene and then got her on her knees in front of the coffee table and tilted her head back giving her a big facial.
I gave her a hand towel she already had sitting on the couch and she wiped her face off as I walked away, I got dressed and she just looked sheepish and embarrassed, She squeaked "I'm gonna...Uh..Shower", I nodded as I sat down and she turned to walk away then turned back and said "If you want...I mean...Like whatever" and shrugged then walked away. I stayed in the living room and she came back after the shower in a housecoat, She stared at me for a minute and I ignored her then she walked away as I watched her out of the corner of my eye.
After getting dressed she came back and sat down at the other end of the couch, I ignored her until she said "Ahem...Can we talk?", I paused my show and turned to face her, She played with her hair and said "Sooo, Uh, Now what?". I said "What do you mean?", She said "Well...We just...I mean like...Was that just?" and I said "Oh, Uh well, I just thought you might be in need of assistance", She was so confused about how I was treating her and I was loving it, She said "Annnnd?", I said "And what, What are you asking?" and she put her hands up and said "I don't know, I just, You just f***** me and came on my face...Like" and I said "Hey, Hey, It's ok, We had fun, you are a great f*** and does it really need to be more than that?", She just stared at me and then said "Uh, I guess not" and left the room, I waited half an hour and went to her room, Knocked on the door and she said "Come in". I opened the door and walked in, She swallowed hard and within 3 minutes she was sucking me off, 24 hours have passed and we have been f****** in every room, On every piece of furniture and she just went for a shower saying "Oh god, I need a break, And some sleep, And some food". Think i'll f*** her once more when she gets out and then ignore her some more.

Mar 20, 2020

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