Naughty or Not?

Would it be bad to give up my virginity at 16? I don't think its a big deal and I know its not "magical" or anything like that. I've had plenty of offers. I feel like its starting to get a little dusty down there...

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  • No it wouldn't something bad, but if you don't think it's a big deal then why should anyone else? It's your body and your virginity do as you please but make sure that your decision is something you will be able to live with the rest of your life!! and please be safe and responsable..
    a little wisdom I used to tell my four daughters as they were growing up, it helped them to make responsable decision, hope it will be of benefit to you also!

  • This is coming from an adult guy (never married and no kids). There is no harm I suppose in having s** at that age, IF I have a daughter I would hope she would wait a bit more. However, if you do..use protection! There is way to many young girls that get pregnant and over complicate their it makes it harder for those girls to find nice guys later on. Also..if you live in a small town becareful as young guys talk. Don't fall into the category of "s** toy s***", that's not good. I suppose just think about it alot and be careful.

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