Foursome with Boss and Foreign Representative

I am married for 18 years and s** is a rare act as my husband is too busy and comes home late and tired. Two months back I had to attend an Official Tour some 3000 Kms away from my workplace. Another lady co-worker also accompanied alongwith our Boss. The first day after our presentation and meeting with the foreign Representative i.e. a handsome man of 6.5 feet height and well behaved named Harry, we had a brief tour around the city.

Back at hotel in the evening, my Boss told me that you are in charge of the foreign representative and as per protocol must attend to his proper stay and secretarial assistance. Well, after dinner I was told by my Boss that some work is to be completed, as such report to Harry for assistance. Without suspecting anything I knocked and entered his Room and after some formal talks Harry simply told me are you ready for S**. I
was in sheer shock at that blunt statement and had nothing to say. He just took it as silent consent and locking the room hugged me. I was too submissive and confused / excited that I could not resist. He was too loving and caring that after removing my dresses he removed his dress and saw his member a well 8.5 inch thick white p**** slightly curved upward in 90 degree. As I was deprived off s** for too long without thinking anything the next moment it was in my mouth and felt too big for my mouth. He slightly deep throat thrusting his big d***, kissed my body all over and gave me a good p**** lick I had to make much hissing sound and came two three times.

Finally he penetrated his throbbing c*** into my p**** by pressing it down from the 90 degree position and commented that my p**** was tight and juicy, to which I thanked him. He almost for a good 30 minutes f***** my p**** which I have never experienced with my husband.

While Harry was f****** furiously my mobile rang and it was my Husband. I had to talk to him while Harry was f****** me, which gave me some kind of blood rushing excitement down my p****. My husband has a small p**** of 4.5 inches and slim and slightly limb. Harry exploded in my p**** with much c** and still he continued his in-out movement. Just then the room bell rang and he excused me and attended the door while I wrapped myself with the bed cover.

To my surprise Harry returned back accompanied by my Boss and lady co-worker. I felt too embarrassed. My Boss told do not worry, we are here for enjoyment and started to undress. My lady co-worker also started to undress. For the first time I was my Boss’s C***, which was not so thick as Harry, but length wise it was OK. I have never seen another erect C***
other than my husbands. My Boss immediately started to f*** me with Harry’s c** inside me and commented that his c** is more lubricator. My co-worker was happily f***** by Harry and we had a foursome f*** by turn.

After some time we all departed to our rooms. Back in my room I felt no remorse or guilt which surprised me.Ours was a two day Official tour. The next day morning after breakfast, there was no special meeting or touring. The whole day we four had s** and for the first time I had experienced a double p**** entry, which was slightly painful, but the excitement got it over. I too swallowed the c*** of my Boss and Harry also, first time tasting of c**. They both tried various positions of s** and the full day was s**, booze and f***.

It was a full enjoyment and secret I cannot tell anyone including my husband. Back at office I received a handsome financial upgrade and at times have b******* and f****** sessions after office hours with my Boss.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • This you will have to continue in your next such meetings with more C****, I mean g*******.

  • While your small d*** husband f**** you due you miss that white big C*** ?

  • I was once molested violated humiliated by lowlife bad boys.
    I look for anonymous email friends.
    can anybody here email me true stories of lowlife rough black bad boys thugs muggers construction workers filthy black laborers bullying violating molesting pretty white decent lady bosses teachers housewives and daughters passersbys, forcing o***** on them humiliating them blackbreeding them turning them into reluctant b****** cumsluts milking cows ? email it to me - virgintsik1 @ gmail com

  • You are too innocent. It seems you were party drugged on the second day and filmed. Your p*** may be circulating over the internet and published as DVDs. Check your Boss's laptop / desk or mobile. Since you are still having s** with your Boss check his chamber for any hidden cams. You may also be blackmailed one day to please his friends / clients with sexual favors. Google the internet.

  • I too now have such apprehensions. The other day I saw a dream as if I am a p*** star and acting in a p*** film with many c**** of all sizes and one was that of my Boss which later grew to a one meter C*** and I was sitting on his C*** as if on a tree branch and sucking his big c*** head. I think I will have to be more vigilant and search for some evidence after the lockdown is over.

  • I too now have such apprehensions. The other day I saw a dream as if I am a p*** star and acting in a p*** film with many c**** of all sizes and one was that of my Boss which later grew to a one meter C*** and I was sitting on his C*** as if on a tree branch and sucking his big c*** head. I think I will have to more vigilant and search for some evidence after the lockdown is over.

  • Kindly describe in detail the sexual adventure and experience.

  • I think you are enjoying or masturbating reading my experience. I would like to pen the action in detail if it is too interesting and exciting. I too feel the excitement of remembering and reciting each and every act. To be frank when I saw such an erection of a foreign man which throbbing, he just stroked his p**** one or two times and the head of his p**** just mushroomed and seemed to be saying take me in your mouth. I could feel the blood in my veins too rushy and my head was filled with excitement, thought it may burst. Slightly blind with such rush of blood I simply caught his c*** with both of my hands and had to pull to down to position it parallel to my mouth. As I caught the c*** in hands I could feel the hotness and the electric throbbing effect which made me open my mouth and had to virtually push the his c*** head inside as it was bigger than my mouth. His pre-c** was salty in taste and could feel the c*** head edge becoming harder and pulsating. While he slightly pushed it ahead down my throat I could feel the suffocation. He was careful not to make it rough. After some sucking I slid down my hands to catch his b**** and licked down to his big b****. It was less hairy and also easy as I released the hold on his c*** it just jumped back to the 90 degree position and just played such act of pulling down and releasing back.

    Then he slowly laid me on my back on the bed and coming over started kissing me all over my body from both ears, sucking my b**** and down to my p****. Pulling apart my legs he simply buried his head into my p**** without any hesitation and I was dripping with love fluid. He just licked from my renal area to my c******* and push up my waist in excitement. Within seconds I had two / three cummings and at the last climax I could not withstand lying down and curved upwards and had to forcibly remove his head.

  • While I was in the convulsions of the climax Harry pulled my ass up and positioned my ass into doggy style and started to pound from behind. As his 90 degree p**** gave the pulling up thrust it felt as if some fisting is happening down my bottom. He fingered my a***, to which I requested no a*** s** please and he just fingered and left to pound me to and forth with his waist hitting my ass sound too loud and felt the ripping and long c*** womb touching experience. I was in ecstasy as just licking climax has not subsided. After sometime, he laid me on my back and forcibly pulling down his standing up p**** (Due to the natural lubrication and action it has grown some more big) he slowly entered my p**** while my legs where pushed up. Then releasing my legs down and straight he gave me a good missionary f***.

    In between my phone rang and my husband was at the other end. While talking he asked what I am doing. I told him after the meeting / presentations and discussions I have to minute the Notes and that I am doing the home work. As we had dinner and retreated to our rooms, after the updates and preparations for next day session I will go to bed to catch some sleep. He told take care and enjoy the tour and hang up. Harry was slowly penetrating me without any disturb and from his eyes I knew we both were enjoying the talk and f***.

    Then he pulled my body holding by my legs to the edge of the bed and then once again did all type of positions f****** me and thrusting his c*** with much enthusiasum in and out too many times, sidewise, doggy style, a*** fingering, legs down to floor and thrusting in, that I lost count of the action and passion. Before c****** he asked whether he may come inside me, to which I just could say OK only and as my head was spinning with too much excitement which I have never experienced till that age.

  • As he came I felt the voluminous sperm warm lubrication juice all inside me and just then the calling bell rang. He just froze and after his c***
    throbbed out the last bit of c**, Harry withdrew his big c*** and raising me put it in my mouth to lick it out clean. Though I submissively did lick his c***, still I could feel his c*** was unsatisfied. His c***'s base was too large and from the upward curve he had strong muscled rings till its mushroomed head. I curved my tongue and tried to push it through the c*** hole to lick out the last bit of c**. He then wrapping around his waist a towel went to the door and I wrapped myself with the bed cover and lay down on bed.

    When Harry returned back accompanied by my Boss and lady escort, I felt too embarrassed. My Boss told not to worry and we are here for enjoyment and started to undress. My lady co-worker also started to undress. For the first time I saw my Boss's C***, which slowly started to grow and when erect was not so thick as Harry, length wise it was average. I have never seen erect C*** other than my husbands. Pulling me to the edge of the bed my Boss immediately started to f*** me with Harry's c** inside me and commented that his c** is a good lubricator. Harry got engaged with the other girl. My legs up he was simply sliding his c*** in and out of my p****. As my p**** was already enlarged with Harry's f***, I felt the smoothness of the shaft moving in and out with the s**** of Harry. Boss then turned me to side wise and started thrusting in and out, thereafter positioned me to doggy side at the edge of the bed itself and continued the free slide in and out.

  • Meantime Harry with the girl at the other end too was doing all sorts of f****** positions. Seeing the live s** of a man and girl in action gave such an erotic feeling down my waist.

    My Boss then lay on the bed his legs down the edge of the bed and told me to climb over him and sit on his c***. Turning around I sat adusting on the edge of the bed on my knees sat on his belly and lifting my waist slowly pushed his c*** into my p****. He caught my swinging b**** and I lay on his bare chest. He started to thrust his c*** into my p**** fast and I too gave a little supportive push back. After some thrust he told in my ear he is going to c** and I could feel the burst of his c** inside me, still he continued his pushing up act and the c** started drip down his c*** from my v***** while the thrusting action was still going on. Later he stopped and I too exhausted lay on his heaving chest thinking what next to do. Boss whispered in my ear that I am a good girl and thanked me for giving him great happiness of life. I raised my head and looking at him gave a smile and kiss. Then I saw Harry having s** with the girl in doggy style and was f****** fast and furisouly his waist slapping her butts and making a loud sound. The girl was making some oohh sound and I saw his c*** being taken out and placing on the back of girl e********** his c** pure white liquid, first three blopsjumping out and then rest slowly popping and flowing out. He then again inserted inside her p**** and f***** for the last drop to be drained out and then lay down on the bed.

  • After lying down for some time on the bed, one by one we all got up and went to the washroom to clean and coming back got dressed. Harry thanked all and told that we shall meet here in the morning after breakfast. I felt another thrust down my waist hearing that statement and saying Good Night retreated to my room. Back in room while in bed I felt no remorse or guilt but a sort of satisfaction and throbbing excitement around my waist which surprised me and thinking of the rosy picture of two C**** filling my p**** with s**** as a dream, exhausted sexually fell asleep within no time.

    In the morning after breakfast we all assembled in Harry's suite. He had his laptop placed on the mirror top opposite the double bed and some p*** was playing. Harry told all of us to get undressed and he himself removed his dress and he moved upto me and told to suck. This time his c*** was not erect but slightly coming to life. I kneel down and took his c*** and started sucking his c*** head. Instantly I could feel the blood rushing into his c*** and it started to stiffen in my mouth and hands. I could see my Boss following suit and the other girl sucking his c***.

  • Harry then led me to the bed and keeping a pillow at the edge of the bed
    and sitting on the pillow widening his legs apart he fell on his back and
    beckoned me to sit on his c***. As I was too wet it was an easy job to climb and sit on his c***. My knees by the side of his waist on the edge of the bed in a sitting position I started make sit ups on his c***. Harry was playing with my swaying b****. He pulled me on to his chest and started to thrust his c*** fast. Then he got up made my Boss to lay down on the pillow and told me to sit on his c*** which I did. He too thrust his c*** in and out and I too did some sit ups. Then Harry pushed my shoulder down and my b**** were on my Boss's chest and he pushed his c*** into my p**** alongwith Boss's c*** which was inside my p****. I felt the stretching effect of my p**** and the thickness of two c**** inside gave a thrilling blood rush down my waist. The feeling was unexplainable, the stretching pain and congested thick grinding effect etc. a mixed excitement. They did it for some time. Boss was not able to move much, but Harry was doing it too fast. Then the girl climbed on my back her p**** facing Harry and she was cupping my b******. Harry started to f*** her p**** while she was on my back and Boss below f****** me. She then turned around and she was giving a b******* to Harry. At that moment I felt Harry's thumb being pushed into my a***. As it was lubricated with saliva it was not that painful and he fingered my a*** with his thumb. I felt more saliva being applied to my a*** and before I could make out Harry with and immediate thrust inserted his c*** head p*** hole. I yelped out with some pain as he p**** was too large for my a*** to tolerate. Being the first time such an unexpected rear entry, I could not do anything as the girl was on my back and she was paying with the b**** of Harry.

  • Harry slowly started to push his c*** further in and it was still painful. He then started his inout movement slowly to faster and I felt as if I am going to p***. There was a s***** smell around and I felt embarrassed and I knew the worst has happened. The girl immediately got down and Harry withdrew his c*** from my rear. I felt the cold air moving into my a*** interior.

    Harry went to the bathroom and I saw glittering s*** on his slightly limp
    p****. I too got down from the bed and was blushing with embarrassment.
    Harry came out from the bath after washing and drying and I out of shyness went to the bathroom to wash myself. I checked it was only the s*** particles inside s*** hole that broke the tantrum. As I was peeing and washing my ass with the handheld toilet water spray, my Boss came into the bathroom. His c*** was shrunk to normal position and he told not to worry but ensure that Harry is happy. He washed his c*** with the handheld bath shower and was making a show of c***, sliding his foreskin up and down as if masturbating and smiling at me. When it was clean he just came near to me as I was sitting on the toilet, put the c*** into my mouth and I gave his a b******. He then told me to stand and bend forward and inserted his erect c*** into my p**** from behind. Interesting he started to spray water from the hand shower while f****** and his waist spanking my butts made such a splashing sound. I could hear the giggling sound of the girl from the room. I could feel the water entering my p**** and with less lubrication his c*** was felt grinding all
    inside. Without much effort he came inside me and he continued till the
    last drop was e*********. He then washed his c*** and waist and dried
    himself and left. His c** was flowing down my inner thighs down and I had to wash it down and watched his c** flow down the drain.

  • As my Boss moved out, the girl came in and I had poured water all over my
    body except head. She just caught my b**** from behind and massaged it
    and told me to enjoy the foreign c***. When she sat on the toilet to pee, I dried myself and went to the room. Harry and Boss was sitting on the sofa and pouring some liquor. Boss told me to sit next to Harry and Harry handed over a glass of whiskey. I am not a frequent drinker and I could not deny. Harry told take some to relax and shed inhibitions. I simply drank and the girl too joined in the drinking session. All were sitting nude and I drank three or four glasses first time in my life. I started to feel the dizziness and felt over drunk. I am still unable to remember or explain what must have happened thereafter. I have only a broken memory of d*** in mouth, turned up and down and being f***** from every angle. I donot remember when this ended. When I was woken up, found myself nude on the bed in the Harry's suite itself. It was almost three in the evening and Boss told me to get up and get ready for catching the flight which is at Nine in the night. I looked around and saw Harry was getting ready for moving out and the girl not there. I got dressed and went to my room for a shower and packing. This is a true story.

  • LOVELY! I love this story. Great job. I am masturbating to it.

    I mean I really don't believe a word of it.
    Total fantasy. Or maybe total nonsense.

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