Foursome with Boss and Foreign Representative

I am married for 18 years and s** is a rare act as my husband is too busy and comes home late and tired. Two months back I had to attend an Official Tour some 3000 Kms away from my workplace. Another lady co-worker also accompanied alongwith our Boss. The first day after our presentation and meeting with the foreign Representative i.e. a handsome man of 6.5 feet height and well behaved named Harry, we had a brief tour around the city.

Back at hotel in the evening, my Boss told me that you are in charge of the foreign representative and as per protocol must attend to his proper stay and secretarial assistance. Well, after dinner I was told by my Boss that some work is to be completed, as such report to Harry for assistance. Without suspecting anything I knocked and entered his Room and after some formal talks Harry simply told me are you ready for S**. I
was in sheer shock at that blunt statement and had nothing to say. He just took it as silent consent and locking the room hugged me. I was too submissive and confused / excited that I could not resist. He was too loving and caring that after removing my dresses he removed his dress and saw his member a well 8.5 inch thick white p**** slightly curved upward in 90 degree. As I was deprived off s** for too long without thinking anything the next moment it was in my mouth and felt too big for my mouth. He slightly deep throat thrusting his big d***, kissed my body all over and gave me a good p**** lick I had to make much hissing sound and came two three times.

Finally he penetrated his throbbing c*** into my p**** by pressing it down from the 90 degree position and commented that my p**** was tight and juicy, to which I thanked him. He almost for a good 30 minutes f***** my p**** which I have never experienced with my husband.

While Harry was f****** furiously my mobile rang and it was my Husband. I had to talk to him while Harry was f****** me, which gave me some kind of blood rushing excitement down my p****. My husband has a small p**** of 4.5 inches and slim and slightly limb. Harry exploded in my p**** with much c** and still he continued his in-out movement. Just then the room bell rang and he excused me and attended the door while I wrapped myself with the bed cover.

To my surprise Harry returned back accompanied by my Boss and lady co-worker. I felt too embarrassed. My Boss told do not worry, we are here for enjoyment and started to undress. My lady co-worker also started to undress. For the first time I was my Boss’s C***, which was not so thick as Harry, but length wise it was OK. I have never seen another erect C***
other than my husbands. My Boss immediately started to f*** me with Harry’s c** inside me and commented that his c** is more lubricator. My co-worker was happily f***** by Harry and we had a foursome f*** by turn.

After some time we all departed to our rooms. Back in my room I felt no remorse or guilt which surprised me.Ours was a two day Official tour. The next day morning after breakfast, there was no special meeting or touring. The whole day we four had s** and for the first time I had experienced a double p**** entry, which was slightly painful, but the excitement got it over. I too swallowed the c*** of my Boss and Harry also, first time tasting of c**. They both tried various positions of s** and the full day was s**, booze and f***.

It was a full enjoyment and secret I cannot tell anyone including my husband. Back at office I received a handsome financial upgrade and at times have b******* and f****** sessions after office hours with my Boss.

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    I mean I really don't believe a word of it.
    Total fantasy. Or maybe total nonsense.

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