I did this to myself.

My wife is a smoking hot brunette with a great body, 5'3", 130lbs, Great hips, Legs, ass, C-cups and I screwed it up. The other night we had a gathering and at the end of the night she had passed out and me and her kissed, That progressed to me sitting on the couch and her friend kneeling in front of me sucking me off, Her friend is not someone I find attractive, A little over weight in my opinion and just kind of...Meh. about 5'5" 150lbs, and just a bit thick all around, She has shoulder length hair that I have no idea what her real color is but it's blonde right now however she does have fake b****.
Yeah, so...There we are and my wife stumbles out of the bedroom and says "Hmmm, What do we have here?", Needless to say there was a bunch of appologies and scrambling until my wife said "Whoa!!! just stop, It's good" looking at her friend, Her friend stared at her and my wife nodded her head. I should have went with my first reaction and I maybe could have recovered but NOPE, My little brain was doing the thinking and next thing I know my wife who had never even hinted that she would agree to something like this was guiding her friend back in front of me. My wife guides her friend down to her knees and grabs my d*** holding it while her friend starts sucking it.
I have asked, I have proposed, I have pleaded and I have begged and it was always a "NO" which should have set off alarm bells but didn't, It was happening, For real, Right now in real life, My wife was making sexy eyes at me and holding her friend by the hair with one hand and my c*** with the other, My wife was being nice but teasing her friend, She would push her head down and pull her back and away from my c*** and then let her get right to where she would open her mouth and then stop her and say "Do you want it?", Her friend would nod and my wife would say "Tell me", Her friend would tell her and she would say "Ask for it" and she would say "Can I have it?" and my wife would say "Say please" and stuff like that but being super sensual about it.
So my wife moves behind her friend and starts to undo her friends dress while she is sucking me and getting really worked up, My wife licks her friends neck and then sucks her ear lobe and whispers "Has he seen these beauties before" and her friend shook her head no, She says "Can I?" pulling her top down a little and her friend nods, My wife says "Do you want me to?", She nods and my wife says "Pull your dress down" as she scoops her hands in and covers her friends b****, Her friend pulls it to her waist and my wife says "Hmmm, You want that load don't you" and her friend is sucking and jerking me, Her friend moans "Mmm hmm" and my wife pinches her friends nipples between her fingers still covering her b****, She whispers "If I show him your t*** will you swallow?" which my wife doesn't EVER do but her friend moans "Mmm Hmm" looking up at me and she was right.
My wife uncovers her friends t*** and they are real nice, My wife grabs my shaft and strokes it while her friend sucks me and my wife says "Get ready, Here it comes, I can feel it", she puts one hand on her friends throat and I grab her friend by the head and hold her there while I come in her mouth and my wife whispers "Oh god, I can feel it go in your mouth and feel you swallow", Her friend swallows like a pro, Not a gag or a drop missed and my wife stars to massage my b**** as her friend finishes up. I figured it was going to be over at that point, My large brain kicked in for about 2 seconds until my wife said "Hehe, Now he will have stamina to really give you that big d***" which was nice to hear her say it is big but that statement kicked my little brain back into gear.
Her friend looked back at her with a look of panic and my wife said "You can't leave him like this" ( I was 3/4 hard again) as she stroked me and then she said "Trust me...You want to" and her friend nodded. My wife led her to the bedroom by the hand and looked back at me saying "Come along puppy" which was weird but...Ok. I kicked off my pants and followed, She stopped me at the doorway and said "Stay" and turned her friend to face me, She slowly worked her firnds dress down over her hips kissing her friends back and waist and hips, She dropped her dress and her friend had on a thong, She grabbed her hips and turned her around knowing that her friend doesn't have a great ass and it looked not great in the thong but she grabbed it wiggling it at me and said "You likeee", I nodded out of politeness and she turned her back around.
Her friend wasn't saying a word this whole time but my wife hooked her fingers in her friends thong and whispered "Lets show him where you are gonna beg him to f*** you" and her friend moaned "Oh god", My wife whispered "Relax...Geez don't come yet" and kissed her neck then knelt down pulling her friends panties to the floor, Ok fully nude in front of me not the hottest body but I was all in, My wife stood up and leaned around her looking at her and then said "Oh right...You keep it bald, Mmmm, I know he likes that". She leads her friend to the bed and lays her face down then motions me over, She tels me to kiss her friends back and work my way down, I do, I kiss down to her ass and my wife grabs it with both hands holding it while I kiss it and then she says "Up on your knees" as she smaks her firends ass, I start licking her p**** from behind and my wife is whispering "Oh baby, Lick it, Lick it, Slower" and then she whispers in my ear "She likes having her ass licked".
Ok, I have tried many times to toss my wife's salad and it was always on the "Hard no" list, She always said "No, That's an EXIT only" which honestly killed the mood every time anyway but...I run my tongue up her ass cheek and my wife holds her friends ass cheeks while I slide my tongue across her friends ass hole, She actually has a nice ass hole so I start licking her and she is moaning and getting ito it, My wife eventually rolls her onto her back and I am on my hands and knees licking her while my wife stands behind me jerking me from between my legs. My wife says to her friend "Ready?", Her friend nods, She says "Are you ready for that big d*** in you?", Her friend nods and moans and my wife whispers "Beg for it"
I was like WTF, I have never seen this side of her and I am loving it, She started getting more forceful as her friend started saying "F*** me, Please, F*** me" I knew there was no way I was putting my d*** in her until my wife said to, I already knew that and my wife wrapped her hand around my shaft with just the tip sticking out and started rubbing it on her friends wet p**** and her...Large c***, It's kinda big, Like I could feel it was there, Her friend was begging for it and had her chubby legs spread wide, My wife said "Yeah?", Her friend nodded, My wife said "Now?" and her friend said "Oh god, Please yes, please f*** me" and my wife ossened her grip and I pushed forward.
I slid easily into her and she moaned, She was sloppy wet, Like I was f****** her and it was smacking and sloshing and everything was wet.
My wife said "Hehe, Did you come?" and her friend was jerking and twitching as she said "Oh god, I think so, F*** me, F*** me, don't stop please" My wife got down to her bra and panties and laid beside her friend pinching her nipples and playing with her hair while she moaned and groaned, After a couple minutes my wife said "Pull her down", I moved her further from the headboard and my wife took off her panties and sat above her friends head with her knees on the sides of her friends head and her feet out to the sides. She was holding her friends t*** and telling me to f*** her harder, Her friend was moaning loud and my wife got on her knees and told me to lift her legs, My wife held her ankles and her friend gasped as I slid deep in her, She grabbed my wifes hips and tried to pull her on top of her, My wife looked down at her frirend and said "Oh?", Her friend nodded and my wife said "Yeah?", Her friend nodded and my wife said "Have you?", Her friend bit her lip and nodded and my wife said "You liar...You said no when Cathy asked all 4 of us", She smiled and said "Mmm, Not since highschool" and then she grunted because I am pretty sure my d*** doubled in size.
My wife put her legs down and said "If you beg me for it while he f**** you I might...Just might...Sit on your face, She looked at me and said "Faster, Deeper, Harder" as she looked down at her friend and said "Beg me for it, beg me to sit on your face, Beg me to lick my p****" and she was starting to talk a little bit angry but her friend was stuttering and begging, My wife leaned over her and said "Come, Come, Come" and her friend started she was tensing and groaning then releasing and on the third or fourth time my wife straddled her face and her friend opened her mouth but my wife whispered "Come on her face, she loves it" and sat back down.
My wife grabbed her friends nipples squeezing them and her friend started coming and my wife looked at me, Grabbed her friends wrists and put her friends hands on her waist holding them as I pulled out and straddled her friends stomach. As I shot my load it sprayed across her face and she she closed her eyes, Gasped and said "Ahh f***, No, No f***" and my wife said "Put your d*** in her mouth", I did and she sucked it for a second or two and then pulled away and said "I need a towel", My wife got up and used the towel to wipe my come off her belly and then tossed it on her friends face.
Her friend started cleaning up and my wife started getting dressed, I was confused but she put on socks and jeans and a shirt and me and her friend just looked at each other, My wife finally looked at us and said "Oh, I don't know how long this has been going on but you got the one thing you ever wanted me for and you two can have each other...I'm out.
Then she left and won't answer my calls, texts or tell me where she is.

Mar 24, 2020

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