I have a fetish for plastic. As a kid I had a plastic mattress protector on my bed and I used to pull back the bottom sheet and sleep directly on the plastic sheet.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • It's odd but you are not hurting anyone and if that's what you like and are comfortable with then good for you :)

  • We all have our things..Mine is not only very long, polished nails in general, but, those of my hot older sister. If she broke one when we lived in the same house, rare as it was that she did break any, she'd put them on her makeup tray and I'd go steal them. Would use them on myself, keep them in my pocket or briefs. Just loved them. She knew I had them, too, and if wanted to try gluing them back on (they were hers, all natural), would ask me for them, no joke, "if I was done with her nails" and I'd give them back.

    Even at a bar one night, I met and did well with a hot biker chick with very long, jet-black nails and she broke one on the bar. I swiped it and kept it for myself. Kept that one for awhile, too. I just love long, polished nails.

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