Wife on display

My wife Ronnie and I took a one week vacation and spent three of those days at her sister's house. Ronnie and her sister are very close and I get along great with her husband Barry. One of the three days,that we were guest, my sister in law had to work so we decided to drink and swim all day. They had a pool.

After a couple of margaritas my wife was feeling no pain. She had jumped off the side and one of her nipples had popped out of her bikini top. Barry and I had been passing a football back and forth but Ronnie's nipple was more enjoyable.

After allowing Barry a couple moments to stare, I decided to swim over and tell her. She covers up and apologized to both of us. We both confessed we enjoyed it. She looks at me and asks "you don't mind?" I told her it turned me on. She reached back and untied her top throwing it to the side.

After a few minutes she asks me to get her another margarita. I tell her the cost will be her remaining suit bottom. She smiles and says sure. I think she is just playing me, but when I return with her drink she pulls off her bottom and is now skinny dipping.

Barry is really enjoying the show and Ronnie is enjoying the attention. She turns to us and says "gentlemen, I am going to lay on the air mattress. You want me to our on my front or my back?" I immediately say to Barry "your pool, your rules." He chooses front.

Ronnie lays on her front displaying her beautiful rearend. I move her air mattress so that her ass is facing Barry. We talk for a few minutes and Barry's eyes never leave her ass. I ask her to spread her legs some and we get a clear view of her a****** and p****.

We all agree this story should never be shared with her sister. I am shocked how comfortable she is showing off her goods. That is when it took a turn for the better. I get an ice cube out of my drink and place it right on her assho!e. I wasn't sure how she would react but she asks "would someone please remove the ice with their month please?" Barry looks at me and I give him a big thumbs up. Barry puts his tongue on her A****** and eats the tiny sliver of ice that remains. Ronnie says "more please" and I notice she has slipped a hand down front and has started touching herself. As Barry eats out her ass, she c*** very quickly.

We never did tell her sister however we are planning another trip this summer. My wife confessed that nobody she had dated except me had eaten out her bottom. I felt guilty the next day, but I blamed it on the margaritas.

Mar 29, 2020

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  • If more folks would put jealousy aside & share the pleasure, it would be a much better world..

  • My wife loves me showing her off in her sexy outfits at our patio door. She is always hoping the guys in the apartments are watching and she will put on a show for them. Sometimes she will get on her knees and lick my b**** and suck my c***. She is such a s*** sometimes.

  • Nothing hotter then a nude wife showing off!

  • Billjenkins605@yahoo.com i wana see her naked

  • I would luv to see pics of your wife email me daviddalley408@gmail.com and i will send u some of my wife

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