I walked in on my parents and now I can’t stop watching them.

I’m 16. My mom’s 32 and my dad’s 54. She had me when she was 20 after she and papa had been married almost a year. I’ve always found my mom attractive, but never before in a wrong way. She is a model by profession and has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks younger than she is and has a perfectly slim figure. She is around 5ft10. We're pretty rich because of my dad: he’s an investor and businessman. I don’t like my dad because he’s lazy and very macho/controlling and he farts like every 5 seconds. He always tries to act tough in front of mom and once he even got his ass kicked in front of her by a complete stranger who was hitting on her. My mom is really kind so she cleaned his wounds and everything but still, even she was a bit embarrassed that he got physical. My dad’s really unathletic and he’s around 5ft5 and over 200lbs as hes always been obese. A few weeks ago I woke up to go get a glass of water. We live in a very large house where my parent’s room is down the corridor. As I was passing their room it was dark down the corridor but their door was half open and all their lights were on. I could hear the bedsprings shaking and some weird noises. I looked through and saw papa bouncing on top of mama, laying his whole weight on her. I was surprised she wasn’t even squished by his weight. They couldn’t see me but I could see them. I was in complete shock and kinda froze. Papa had sweat dripping all over his back and his face was red. I could hear him grunting loudly and even farting a couple times. Mom moaned softly and kept saying “Harder! Faster!” in an exasperated voice. “I’m trying Hannah, I can't get it up!” dad snapped back. Then he got up and walked to their bathroom while muttering “Damn V***** doesn’t work.” That’s where I saw him naked for the first time, he had a gigantic pot-belly, and fat nipples. I could see his bald head and fat cheeks and thick black mustache. Then I saw his armpits they were so bushy but not as bushy as his genitial area. It was gross. His p**** was shorter than mine almost two inches at best. I was shocked. I saw papa put a blue pill in his mouth and tell my mom, “Give me a massage, I think I pulled my hip during that round. You go on top next, maybe then I can get it up.” Then I saw my mama naked for the first time. She had perfectly smooth skin, and large, soft, plump b******. She slipped on a red, lacy bra, and some thin red panties and began rubbing papa’s belly. Without even realizing it I saw my hands were already on my own p**** which was harder than my dad’s ironically. For the past few weeks I’ve been watching them every night and I know it’s wrong but I can’t fight the temptation. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get over this? Am I messed up? Do I need help? At this point I'm open to any suggestions.

Apr 13

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