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I'm a big chested slim 5'4 55yo gran,when i see my 22yo grandson i always flirt and make the odd sexual comment with him just for fun to make him blush,well he came to help me move things around in my bedroom,I asked has he got a gf and he said no he's got his hands for that and laughed,when he was finished and was about to leave i said if you need a hand mine is free and winked,he stood in my bedroom door way and said well i could use a hand now if you meant what you just said,i said if he's sure go sit on the edge of the bed and get his c*** out,his c*** made my hand look small when i held it, the look of enjoyment on his face and the ah that's it coming from him got me h****,3 or 4 minutes later he's tensing up i knew he was ready,and didn't he c** landing on my dressing table floor my bed and my hand,him breathing heavy as i carried on till his c*** was limp in my hand,I went and washed my hand when i came back he was asleep,it's a regular thing now it's not s** i just like pleasuring him.

Apr 3, 2020

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  • God, you commenters are idiots

  • Yes i was young and so was my son when he got someone pregnant.

  • You must have had your daughter or son at a very early age for the tale to be remotely true

  • I always wanted to f*** my mum at his age of 22.
    Mum was 52 and I'd w*** over her every day.
    I'd watch her undress through the.keyhole in her bedroom door while I sniffed her dirty knickers and/or bra.
    I'd watch her on the toilet as the door hinge was damaged and wait for her to stand I could see her forest properly
    Mum knew I'm sure but never raised the issue.

  • Oh! granny, teach him all the tricks you know of s**. In return you have this young hard c*** to f*** with!! Gradually open yu 3 holes to him to choose from!!

  • Lucky guy

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