Spanked by an older man for insulting my wife

One year ago, we moved to a condo community in North Carolina. I am 35, my wife is 28. We met our neighbor the first day, he was around 55ish, about 6-4, muscular. He let me know very quick he was an ex-marine.

The next week we invited him for lunch. My wife and I had a disagreement earlier in the day, we were still mad. My wife was fixing lunch, I asked her when it would be ready. She said, "in a few, quit asking". I yelled trying to impress the guy "ok, quit being a b****". Bad mistake....he became very angry, lectured me on how lucky I was to have such a gorgeous lady. He told me he would not let this stand....."what does that mean?" I asked....

Before I knew it, he had me by the arm, leading me to the kitchen where she was (I am 5-8 btw). He pulls a chair out, sits, then proceeds to THROW me over his lap. I was mortified, but he was so much stronger than me, I could not move. The next thing I know, my shorts and underwear are barely hanging around my ankles, his leg over my legs, my arms pinned behind my back.

He asked my wife if it was ok to "teach a lesson". She said "by all means". He proceeded to smack my ass red, I would say 40-50 hard smacks, I had silent tears rolling down my cheeks. He let me up, told me to apologize, and I did.

We then had lunch together, my ass burning, embarrassed. We finished, he went home. My wife told me I deserved it. For the last year, if we get into an argument, or she asks me to do something, she will say "better do it, or I will call Dave!". I am still embarrassed....

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