My daddy's little Tom boy

I have always been a tomboy and me and daddy would always go camping and fishing . One day win I was 8 we had been fishing on our camping trip . I slipped and fell into the water so I was all wet it was a worm night so I strip to my underwear . We was going back to the camp site win he grabbed my arm and draged me to him . He looked me in the eyes thin kiss me on the mouth . He picked me up and kiss me again this time with his tung in my mouth I don't know what he was doing but I like it . He was holding me tight . Thin I noticed he was rubbing between my legs . I asked him what he was doing and he answered with another kiss . He set me on a big rock . It felt worm to me . He ripped off my panties and my Trang bra . I asked y he did that . I was getting nervous . He kissed me again . Lick both my nipples and said he was sorry and it would get better . Thin he spit on my private parts and his . He got on top of me .I was so scared I was being him to stop . He told me it would be ok gave me a list kiss and put hands on me holding me down . Thin there was a sharp pane and he was all the way in . He gave me a minute to adjust before he started f****** me hard . It hurts so bad I was screaming stop it hurts stop . After a few minutes the pane started to pass . And I started to feel better . The screaming change to morning . He asked me if I was injoying it I smiled and said yes daddy . He smiled back and start getting ruffer thin I felt him c****** he kiss me again . Thin help me to my feet and we start walking back to camp . I asked what he had dun to me he said is called s** thin he said is something u do win u r In love . He told me it only hurts the first time . So I asked if we could do it again without the pane he smiled and kiss me that night we had s** all night . We have been doing it every day since thin . I'm 14 now the condum broke I'm 3 mouth pregnant now and I love my daddy. ๐Ÿ’“


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  • Yes it's him again I keep telling him to take off his mothers panties and get out of the basement. Then stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • Another fantasy, by the same young guy who can not spell.

    You write so poorly it easy to tell which ones are your fake stories.

  • 8 is a lovely age

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