Gaining on purpose

I'm a 27 year old married woman who has struggled for many years to maintain a normal weight but usually live in the chubby range. After 3 years of convincing, my husband finally (last year) got me to accept the fact that I will never be skinny and that I am beautiful no matter myweight. In fact, he likes fat chicks--of course, he married chubby ol' me. Well, since the little dress shop where I work closed temporarily (I hope) because of the quarantine, I have been lazing around at home. My hubs and me quickly decided that it would be a blast if I tried to gain as much weight as possible during the quarantine. So I've been smoking pot a lot and eating like crazy and I can tell I've already gotten fatter. It's actually lots of fun and it'll suck when I have to go back to work. My hubs says he can't wait to see other people's reaction after this is over when they see how fat i will have gotten.

Apr 3, 2020

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  • What do you and your husband weigh now, hun?

  • You and your husband must be quite big by now?

  • Got any updates?

  • How fat are you and your husband now? Are you enjoying him putting on weight too? What does he think?

  • How much do you weigh now? How about your husband? Do you like that he's gotten fatter too?

  • OP here. I actually kinda forgot to keep updating! I think it's all the Coronas I'm drinking every day! I really have had the best times of my life, eating a lot of good food, drinking beer like crazy. I now weight 383 pounds, and the fatter I get, the less active, and the faster I gain, it seems like. With all the food my man is cooking and serving, he has unintentionally gain like 40 or 50 pounds himself, and I love it. This covid sh it is the best thing that ever happened to me.

  • Wow, you're getting huge! You must be close to 400 by now. Care to update on you and hubby's weights? How does he feel about getting fat too?

  • How big are you now?

  • What’s the latest? Still chubbing up post quarantine? Has your husband started growing as well? That’s what happened to us!

  • Ahhhh, the mutual fattening so nice!

  • Any updates hun? Hope you're still enjoying yourself!

  • OP here. I anyone is still interested, I have an update. I just love getting curvier and jigglier, and i love the feeling of the extra weight. i've grown totally lazy and pretty much let my adoring husband do everything around the house. I've always been pretty lazy and tends to sit on things instead of stand. well, the other day i sat on this little table i sat on many times before, but i guess ive gotten too fat cuz it broke! ooops. well, i'm a full on pig now a days, and have reached 239 pounds. Plus i'm kinda buzzed all day cuz i drink like 10 coronas a day. LOL. Living my best life!

  • This thread is so amazing I keep coming back for updates

  • How much do you weigh now? Hope you're still enjoying it!!

  • Keep gaining, fat women are so sexy.

  • That's the way! Just enjoy your new lifestyle hun! Eat and gorge yourself, get fatter

  • I know what you mean by being able to eat more as you get fatter. My wife is at least 100 pounds heavier than when we got married, and she was quite chubby then!. The other day, we were at a restaurant eating outdoors. My wife had a large meal with appetizer, salad, main course and 2 servings of dessert. We were leaving when we ran into some friends in the parking lot we haven't seen in a while. My wife said, lets all go inside and eat. I just had a beer, but my wife ordered another appetizer, main course and then dessert! I couldn't believe it, and she didn't even seem like she was struggling to finish!

  • We’re you in awe of this eating machine “your wife”? It is true both myself and wife have been on the gain train since being married, once get used to eating larger and larger portions, without even realizing you are putting away double or triple what you used to in the past. Also, as you get bigger and your appetite gets out of control, at least in our case you tend to not eat many healthy things as we did in the past. Fattening dishes, even fast food and lunch and dinner always followed by desert, not to mention many fattening things in between meals. I gotta tell ya though, when my wife and I were at our fattest we had s** all the time and it was the best s** of our lives. Something very hedonistic about mass consumption on all levels food, drinking and s**, you open up the flood gates and just enjoy!

  • What's your figure like these days? Belly heavy, bottom heavy, top heavy, or round all over?

  • Hi! Most of it is going to my belly, but I do have quite the asss, and up top a D cup. When I gained weight during my teens, it went mostly to my ass, which turned out to be quite the guy magnet. My husband first noticed me because of it. But the last few years, any weight I've gained lands on my belly.

  • OP. I guess its true what they say...the fatter you get the bigger the appetite. I find myself hungry all the time now. I'm still packing on the pounds, i'm now 231. My husband suggested i stop drinking water which is no calories and switch to coke and beer. So when I want to drink something, it's either sugary or alcohol, lol. I've pretty much made up my mind that when I reach 250, Im just gonna forget about watching my weight and just let the pounds drift higher as I satisfy my new increased appetite.

  • All the posters including op are male. Don’t kid yourselves pervs

  • OP. I'd slipped a bit in my gaining a little while ago but am back at it and put on a whopping 5.5 pounds since my last post 18 days ago. Weight gain shakes are the best!!!!

  • Keep up updated hun! You're really close to 250! Wonder if you'll want to grow even past that?

  • OP here. I'm 5'7" and weigh 218 now. I put on another 2 pounds since my last post. That's a pound a week, guys! I love the attention i get from my hubby, he specially seems to like my love handles cuz when we together he got his arm around me and his hand is play with it. we talked and think we should try for a nice round number like 250 pound. Then we can see what we do from there. I can tell y'all right now tho--i ain't never gonna go on a diet again. So if the weight goes on it stays on!

  • What's your actual weight now?

  • Hello. My wife is a double amputee, above the ankle and below the knee. She only uses a wheelchair and some boots for walking with canes around the house. I always had an attraction for amputee women, but during the years she gained a lot, over 80 kg, and she already was chubby, around 65-70 kg. The most of her weight is on her butt and hips, I mean , i was in relations with other chubby even bbw girls but an ssbbw amputee is the real thing. Now we ordered a big scouter , while her wheelchair was too tight and she is quite an sight when we go out. I love her and couldnt be happier.

  • What's your weight at now?

  • I weighed myself just a few days ago. I have gained a total of 38 pounds since I began gaining for fun. I'm pretty much constantly high and hungry. My emplyer said not to expect to come back to work, and normally that would suck, but honestly I'm glad i dont have to go back. I like laying around, smoking, eating, f****** and sleeping.

  • Go with it honey, I've done the same and I'm now 460lbs of fattened woman. I couldn't be happier.

  • I have also gained from 5'6" 108 32AA 23 36 to 5'6" 240+ 42D or DD 34 56 and love it, so does hubby so I want to gain more...

  • Beautiful! Do you have a goal weight or something?

  • No I don't have a goal weight, but I am gaining more, I just food & love eating and hubby spoils me so much. I don't really care how big I get at this point.

  • Yes get bigger

  • OP with an update! I can't believe it, but I weighed myself for the first time today, and I've gained 7 pounds. My husband has REALLY gotten into this and has started making weight gain shakes and making me drink 2 a day. Being a good little piggy, I obey and gulp them down, along with all the food I'm stuffing into my gullet. We're having an absolute blast! H***, I'm high on pot almost all day long.

  • Mmmmm very nice I would enjoy spun k ing all over your hot fat body.

  • Good luck, and post some updates!

  • From what I can tell, there's a ton of people blowing up during this lock down. Better do some serious gorging if you want to stand out from the crowd!

  • Wow, this is a turn on. Hope you get nice and fat!!!!

  • I starve my gf. she looks anorexic

  • Good for you! It isn't the waistline that matters as much as the love and happiness.

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