Dat with daddy

Win I was 15 my and my dad lived together in a small town. My mom had left a few years ago. So I was lonely because there was not meny people my age. I started being in to older guys. So I started on a date app. I had a picture of me in a bikiny with with my face cover and a fake name kim and I sad I was 18. Soon a guy contact me we talked some and traded nudes. Thin we started talking about going on a date so we decided to meat at a gas station near bie. I went to the gas station and waited for my date. Soon my dad pulled up and sat there for a few minutes. He rolled down the window and said to me kim witch was my made up name I said yes and got in to the car I was ready for him to start a lecture but instead he planted a kiss right on my mouth. Thin he comes back for another kiss this time open mouth. Thin he drives us to a nice restraint the hole way there he has his hand on my leg rubbing me so close to my p****. After we at dinner he asked me if I wanted to go my place or back to his. I told him my house. He kissed me again and put his hand on leg again and start driving us home. I unzipped my pants and soon his hand was in my underwear rubbing my c***. I wonted him on the spot. Win we got home he cared me to my bed. A soon he was in me. He was on top of me looking right in my eyes as he pointed my p****. As we f***** he keeps calling me kim. After a while he started to pull out. I cried out daddy don't stop don't stop daddy I need to have your baby daddy. He started f*** me even harder and thin I could hear him calling my real name as he filled my p**** full. We did it ever since every night soon I was pregnant to

Jan 4, 2021

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