Delusional agenda

Years ago, an idea of pure insanity popped into my head. I decided to attend university to strengthen my foundations and I am planning to stop going to university once I get my bachelors degree or master’s degree. Only then I’ll get the necessary credentials to infiltrate the many academic institutions. The knowledge of many scientists will be very delicious. I am willing to sacrifice decades of my own lifespan to pursue this crazy plan. Once I discover the existence that cannot exist or in other words, not discovered. A type of energy that can integrated into the human body. If its proved to exist, this will change the world. A single being with such power. But that’s enough now, I’m starting to lose it again. It can be very difficult to keep your insanity in check when you’re university. If I can even come up with a hypothesis about this energy. Then I can die happy a man. Although, if I can’t prove anything at all then I’ll just live out my life as a normie. Raise a family, travel the world or whatever. I’ll just be bored.

Apr 4, 2020

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  • The long game. Positive vibes man.

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