I’ll end my life, but it will be in the hospital on my terms

I decided to end my life, but it’ll be on my terms, in private in the Hospital. I just found out I got a Illness and it is certainly not this years imaginary Pandemic. I got another illness and it’s not good, I got Polio and I was given the bad news that I am gonna lose my ability to walk on my own, I am losing my ability to Walk and it will happen in my 60’s or late 60’s or my 70’s, I already see my legs are going crooked and I am unable to do anything about it. I got maybe 20-25 years left before it happens
So I decided that when the time comes, I’m not gonna suffer this fate, I’m gonna end my life in the Hospital, I’m not gonna suffer badly with this stupid disease that’s gonna make me suffer without end. I’ll choose to end my life rather than choose that terrible fate. It’s legal to do it, and when I go with dignity. Nobody in this world will miss me, I’ll destroy all my Photos and give away all my Belongings before I vacate my empty house to go to that Hospital to choose Assistance to not suffer badly in my elderly years. And when I’m gone, I’ll not have to suffer this fate that’s waiting for me as I get older.

Dec 16

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  • Sure you will. Let's see proof.

  • Some diseases are induced by medicines. They don't fall from the sky or are given to some by God. No one deserves to die because of the evil tools some practitioners prescribe. Sadly, some people can not make the connection and when random flawed batches of medicines are involved, what can we do?

  • Too bad you're about to die of a PREVENTABLE DISEASE. One less anti-vax R3TARD leaving the planet. Wish more of the covidiots would follow you to the grave

  • I’ll be sure to make people like you follow me to the Grave, all of you Mother F****** deserve to die for your Evil ways, besides it was exactly people like you that misled me down a wick path that I should have never gone down in the first place, and when i tried to murder you F****** idiots, you turned chickenshit and ran away. Because I had a weapon, and they did not. Plus the Police were 10-15-20 mins away. I tried to punish those idiots, send them them to their grave, but they turned Chicken and ran away. I left and moved 500 miles away and I never looked back.

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