Are all lads like it

I pinched my son's butt when we was having a picture taken and he returned with rubbing his hand on mine,now he tells me i should wear short skirts or dresses with stockings to show myself off,he sometimes he goes to his room for a few minutes,what's he up to?

Apr 4, 2020

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  • "What's he up to?" Check his pants, he's up to f****** his mom, so get ready for some young c***, you know, the kind that never stops f******.

  • He's wanking over you !
    Isn't it obvious ?
    He wants to see his mum naked and pulls his chopper thinking of you.
    He will be trying to see your f****.
    He no doubt imagines f****** you.
    What is your age ?
    Why don't you" accidentally" let him see you naked and see his reaction.
    " forget to lock the bathroom door or something.

  • Just drop to your knees and get sucking. swallow if he is old enough

  • And if he isn't suck him anyway

  • Younger the better no need for an actual load for him to scream in pleasure

  • Agreed, boy or girl the younger the better

  • My mom gave me a bj when i was 5... when I neared o****** I cried out "mommy, somethings happening!" She took her mouth off my d*** for a moment and said "this is how much i love you, sweetheart." i started screaming and convulsing. she planned it and recorded it. We watch it to get off.

    I think society has it backwards. Its the moms that DONT pleasure their boys who are being abusive. its her duty.

  • Are you both trying to prolong the inevitable? Just take him to your room and have s**

  • You need a real hobby, Josh.

  • You should guess as to why does he go to his room!! If not follow him after a few minutes.

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