Baby sitting forgotten bathing suit

This is back last summer when I was 17. I applied for a job online to be a babysitter. This family of five emailed me and said there were going on a short work trip and ended some to which there you youngest kids (girl 8) & (boy 4). I got back to them and told I would be perfect for the job. The following week it came the day. It was a Saturday morning and I drove to there home. I spoke with the mother and the father and I meet the kids. There was a older daughter that was going with them on the trip she was 16. After the packed the car the were gone and told me the would be back in the morning. The kids were great, easy to handle and we’re having lots of fun. Later in the afternoon they wanted to go in the pools. The family had a underground pool in the backyard. I didn’t know if there allowed to play in the pool. I called their parents, the mother told me it would be find but I would have to be in the pool with them. I was ok with that but I told her I didn’t bring a bathing suit as I didn’t know they had a pool. We talked for a bit when the father told her and I, I could borrow a bathing suit from their oldest daughter. I wasn’t really ok with this but the kids really wanted to go in the pool and well I was on the phone that had been getting dressed for the pool. Their mother told it it would be fine as I was just in the backyard. She told me to go into her room and open her closet and there was a labeled basket with her swimsuit. I hung up the phone and walk up to her room well the kids were watching tv. I found the basket and saw about 3-4 bikinis and I wasn’t going to wear that. At the bottom of the basket there it was a one piece bathing suit. It was plain red. I shut the bedroom door and stripped off. It felt embarrassing to be changing in a girls room but it was whatever. I pull the suit up my legs and fixed the straps. I felt naked and cold. But after a the pool it really didn’t bother me. I just did know if I was the only one..

Apr 4, 2020

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  • Congratulations!!! You’re babysitting now!!! Wow! What a story!!!!

  • What was the purpose of this pointless story?

  • And the issue is?

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