Got caught cheating Wife turns the table

I had an affair with a divorced hot blonde who worked in a Insurance Office next door to my Office. She was around 40yr 5'4" 120lb witty sexy and gorgeous. It started out as playful hello's, meet for coffee, an after work drink, then making out in the car, to getting a Hotel room and _ucking for hours. I was trying to be discreet, but apparently one night I was recognized by a Woman my Wife knew, walking & cuddling with this Woman. My Wife didn't give me any inkling that She knew of my escapades. I thought I was cool, safe, nobody knew but me. Slowly my encounters waned with the Woman, she had other personal issues and had to move away. So, I fell back into my normal routine, meet some friends maybe every 2 weeks for beers, gossip BS, plan BBQ's or do stuff with our girlfriends and wives. Sometimes I cruise by this out of the way Lounge by the Airport, near the major Hotels where they had Ladies notes on Fridays. I know I kinda sound like a Dog...RUFF! So one nite I stopped by a Hotel Lounge on Friday, the place is deemly lit, a kinda of glow, where you can see each other, but kinda faintly for privacy. It was about half full, more Woman than Men. It was a decent place, no T shirts, or cutoffs and flip flops. Mostly dresses, skirts and pant suits, and guys with suits or dress shirts or sweaters. I ordered a mixed drink and was checking out the scene, dance music in the background, groups of woman sitting together or dancing, guys conversing with the ladies, very laid back and casual. I notice this one gal sitting between these 2 guys at the bar, She was hot! Has on a black mini skirt, white sheer blouse, and black stiletto high heels with black sheer stockings. Both guys were sitting right up against her, one was rubbing her knees and thighs, I watched as He knocked off one her high heels rubbing his hand down the back of her calf to her foot. He said, Oh excuse me Darling, and They all started laughing. The other guy reached down between her legs, saying let me help you baby, I'll get it for you, and bent down with his face practically in her crotch while he picked up her shoe. He then said, Hey Baby lets see if this high heel fits Cinderella here, and She extended her foot, as He held her leg trying to slide her foot into the high heel. It was comical but sexy as h***, and actually nobody was really paying attention being on the side of the Bar toward the Rest rooms and side exit. I figured I have one more drink and head Home, what the H***. Now my Wife is hot gorgeous Woman herself, 5' 3" 124lb Auburn hair 43yr. She worked for the BOE. A conservative yet mindful approach to dress views and life in general. Sometimes not open to exploring our sexual relationship, but happy in general with things. So, I'm sipping my drink and I watch the woman sitting with the 2 guys get up and walk by me to the rest room. Ok, nice package, great ass and legs, no staring just a quick glimpse. The 2 guys are laughing, high fiving each other, settle their tab, and The hot Babe returns, they all take a final sip, and wrap their arms around her as the walk out past me to the side exit. I'm thinking that _itch is going to get _ucked tonite! Those 2 guys can't wait to _uck Her, Hey I thought...they might _ucking her outside its not too hot out now....drink up, and go see. So I must have left about 4 minutes or so after them, there were a lot of vehicles on the side, and more in the rows behind the complex. My car was off to the left on the side row. I glanced to the right, nothing, I looked behind the complex didn't see anything., then to the left back side row where my car was. Bingo! I could see them making out with her on the rear portion of a Mercury 4 door car by the Psgr door. I'm standing away near the shadows toward the center, luckily there were a lot of Palm Trees and bushes. So I could see them pushing up her blouse and pulling on her b****** sucking them while the other guys was kissing her and rubbing her hot _ussy . Her skirt was up over her waist, the one bigger guy got between her legs and cupped her ass, and her legs were wrapped around his waist, and the other guy opened the side door of the car, and the guy placed her on the seat, and took off her heels and pulled off her stockings and shoved his _ock into her while holding her ankles, and She was saying _uck me baby _uck me Yes Yes _uck me! the other guy went around the other side and pulled open her blouse and was sucking on her b****** and was kissing her while his friend was ban_ing her. What seemed like 10 minutes or so, the other Guy switched places and He _ucked her longer faster and She moaned loudly, Oh Oh Oh don't stop don't stop. Damn, I think I leaked a little myself! it was so friggin intense! I kinda knew what was going to happen next so I didn't hang around to watch them say goodbye, so I walked away before being noticed and left. I stopped by a late night 7eleven and got a large reg. coffee and headed home. I notice the Lv room lite on and my wife's car gone from the garage. I saw her note in the kitchen, She had a Board meeting every 2nd Friday of the Month, and would be back before 11:30. So I said cool, I'll change clean up and just stretch out and wait for her watching the b*** tube and messing with my iPhone. About 25 minutes later I hear Her car in the driveway and the garage door opening. I kinda know what I'm going to say if she asks me what I did after work, so I'm just waiting there for her to come in the bedroom. Holy _hit! My Wife is holding a black pair of stiletto's, black mini skirt, a partially torn white blouse, and looked like She just finished a 90 minute soccer game, Her makeup was smeared, her hair was mangled, and She looked intense! Her eyes were starring at me, saying I know You're watching, how does it feel to know your wife was cheating on you _ucking 2 random Guys. I wanted You to watch me _uck those 2 guys so you know how it feels _sshole!!! She stormed off to the shower cursing under her breath. I got up and made a pot of coffee for us. I made a cup and left it on the bathroom counter for her. She was crying, saying how ashamed she felt, and couldn't believe she had gone thru with it. How She found out from a friends wife, that sometimes I like to take a detour to that that Airport Lounge on Fridays, and was looking to pay me back for that affair I had with that divorced woman. But you know what I found out several months afterwards, my Wife has told me She had the most intense o****** She's ever had in her life, and can't stop thinking about the sexual intensity She experienced. So, I stopped my wandering interludes, and I'm now trying to convince me wife to possible seduce a h**** guy on our upcoming trip. She's even bought some very seducive outfits, she says, She might wear, but I believe it won't take much prodding for Her to wear these sexy revealing outfits when we're away out of town. Hmmm another confession maybe.

Jul 8, 2020

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  • How did you Not recognize your wife?

  • My wife had auburn hair down to her shoulders. She wore dresses & suits to work at the Board of Ed. No short skirts, No high heels, very conservative. When at Home its a pony tail and sweats. The woman I saw that night sitting with those 2 guys had short black hair, straight not wavy, and certainly not auburn. It was a wig She had purchased and wore that nite. I never did have a direct view of her at the bar. I could see them to the left of me but her face was blocked by 1 of the 2 guys, standing mostly to her left, which was blocking my view/angle. I could see her but it was dimly lit. All I saw was both guys draped closely to this woman, who was dressed provocatively, sitting between 2 guys who were buying her drinks, and they were engaging in small talk laughing flirting and doing what you'd do at a Bar when its Ladies Night. Heck I was there possibly to meet a woman myself too to be honest. And there were groups of woman there also, drinking dancing and quite possibly seeking an encounter or just there relaxing with their girlfriends. Its not some Pool Hall joint with a jukebox and a younger crowd, it was a laid back adult Lounge, where the chances of getting laid were pretty damn good. They're mannerisms were simple. They're approach to this hot woman was what most guys would do. I wasn't there when they first met up with Her. I was walking around over by the tables checking the scene out before I went over to that side of the Lounge and noticed Her. I saw those thighs legs high heels, and I'm not thinking , oh She's got nice eyes or I like her face or hey isn't that my Wife?!* Never ever would I imaging that. But... what's done is done, our s** life is crazy intense more sensual. She's less inhibited about what She's wearing when were out now. And that's a good thing for me and Her. She'll ask me, do you think this skirt is too short? Can You see my butt if I wear this out, (on our cruise 10 months ago) , I said NO wear whatever You want to.

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