Closet bi crossdresser

I am a 50 something married bi closet crossdresser. My wife of many years has no idea I am bi or I love dressing as a woman. I started dressing when I was 11 and had male on male s** when I was 13. I wear panties and stockings to work every day under my male clothes every day. I wish I could dress all of the time but I am afraid to hurt her and I do love her. When she is away I will wear my bra, breast forms, panties, stockings, heels, dresses or skirts. I love being dressed as a woman. I am stuck and don't know what to do. Should I tell her and how do I do that?

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  • Being a cross dresser is one thing but being bi she might not accept. She may feel threatened. She may accept you liking to wear panties.

  • Good reply. I am no way bi but my wife enjoys it when I crossdress, she helps out and buys me stuff. I am lucky to have her. Some women do feel threatened as it is turning the man she married into a female with the wrong bits. Stop the bi and ask her if she would mind you wearing panties, you never know we're it might lead. Good luck

  • I would be willing to still hide im Bi because you are right in your statement. But I still would like to tell her about the crossdressing. I do wear panties and stockings every day to work under my male clothes (I hate male underwear)but today I also wore a pair of woman's jeans. I will change before she gets home so she will not know. I just would like to dress fully at home full time.

  • One night after having a few drinks undress her and playing around put on her panties and say how do I look. See her reaction she may like it. If she does say let me try on your pantyhose. You have to feel her out. One night I asked my girlfriend if I could wear her pantyhose and she was ok with it.

  • I like that idea

  • My girl friend accepted my cross dressing and told me she thought it was fun. We shop together and wear mostly the same sizes. She works at a cosmetics high end expensive Macy's store. We moved in with my parents and they also accept our lifestyle. They are gone much of the time and we have the entire mansion to ourselves. Even when they are across the hall in their bedroom we wear our lingerie and nylons and high heels as we act out our fantasy's as two hot lesbians. Mom and dad listen as we go through our kinky pretend sexy scenarios. I think they enjoy listening to us as it creates a audience that is greatly appreciated. My dad likes her and is not disappointed in her flaunting of her dresses and loves ogling her too. Mom has taken to wearing nylons and dresses too. She is young again and I frequently impress upon her how important it is to give dad needed affection. Mom sometimes says I look cute in my intimate apparel and includes a occasional kiss or a nice caress of my smooth legs.

  • That sounds so cute. I would love to have that at my house.

  • No don't tell her as she would never understand, I know and have been through it!!!! If you do it will cost you and the pain of embarrassment will be awful.
    You know you feel feminine and I am sure you m********* when you are wearing ladies clothes as I know the feeling it gives.
    I started wearing girly things when I was in my early teens and have always been gay since I was seduced by a master at boarding school. He always made a fuss of me and I loved it. He introduced me to knickers, bras and he particularly liked me wearing nylon negligee's. I was fourteen when he first took my virginity and I knew then that I was a sissy gay boy.
    I am now in my fifties, a good looking transvestite living alone after a costly divorce, but now I have two married boyfriends who love me for what I am and adore making love to me when I am dressed. I have developed my b****** so I no longer need breast forms and I love my nipples suckled and toyed with gently.
    I go out in public dressed En-Femme and that has always given me an arousal as my flowy dresses envelope my legs and my nylon undies caress my erection. The important thing is BE CAREFUL and you will have a great deal of pleasure.

  • Sissy GAY boy's frequently get nice hard smooth c*** and wet sucking p**** too. Many girls are into controlling the situation. Wearing a strap on many women enjoy a randy f****** with another man dressed up in lingerie too. Women's temperament is attuned to a delicate hand. Perfume smells sweet too. As women detest unsophisticated, callous and uncaring men who use them, their preferences are sensitive men even a bit feminine to engage in a slow hand to finesse the climax.

  • I would love to get f---- with strapon while wearing pantyhose.

  • Thank you for the insight. I love meeting my two boyfriends dressed in a skirt or dress. How did you develop your real b******?

  • Do you suck c*** ? If you do you should tell her . She probably will get turned on by the fact and insist you dress accordingly to notice men so she can be f***** then you can use your skills to suck him hard again do he can F*** YOU

  • I would love that. How should go about telling her?

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