I have been fantasising over my girfriends 12 year old daughter

I have been with my girlfriend for about 6 months now and we have a very close and passionate relationship. She has a 12 year old daughter, she is a lovely little girl, really pretty and cute and very affectionate with her mom. Really been feeling so bad about my fantasy which was on sparked about 3 weeks ago. It was on the saturday morning and I had got up first and was sat watching the news channel with a coffee.
After about half hour my g/f's daughter came down and sat on the arm chair opposite. I threw her the remote and said put what channel you want on. She thanked me and started flicking through the channels. I went out to the kitchen to grab another coffe and time I went back she had clearly been cold and had grabbed a blanket, and was laying back on the couch with it over her to keep warm.
I sat back down, drinking my coffee, flicking through stuff on my tablet and after a while i noticed she had fallen asleep. Probably another 10 mins had passed and she was rolling back and too trying to get comfortable, but still asleep. The to my amazement and pure pleasure the blacket had rolled up revealing a side view of her left hip and her Tee Shity had pulled up too so I could clearly see a side view of her hip from her knee up to the side of her tummy and she wasnt wearing any underwear. I could not see anything indercent so left her sleeping and went upstarirs to get a shower.
It was then it hit me, all she was wearing when she came don that morning was a long t shirt, she was obvuiously totally naked under her T shirt. OMG, the thought of her naked 12 year old body hit me like a train and I got so hard! wow, I jacked myself in the shower thinking of the little girl!
I havent seen my g/f or her daughter for a few weeks now with the current situation but have jacked thinking of that little girl naked so many times!!! My fav fantasy is to meet up with her early in the morning in my g/f lounge, take off my shorts and tee shirt and lift off her t shirt and naked cuddle and kiss with her ..... I feel so bad having this fantasy as I am in my 40's but thats how i feel.
I am a dirty old pedo for having these thoughts.

Apr 5, 2020

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  • There's nothing better than a little girls spunky knickers to sniff and taste as you w*** and then s**** over the spunky crutch

  • Mmmm yes. You should go through her clothes hamper and find her dirty panties to sniff. Luv sniffing my buddies daughters panties, especially after they’ve worn them for a whole weekend. They are 10 and 12

  • I remember when my oldest was 11 or 12 and men started o check rout. I really joyed it and stated to buy her skimpier bikinis. I could tell she enjoyed the attention and couldn't stop thinking about her especially wit men, groups of men. She's in college now and ive gone through her computer and found video of her with college boys. But my favorites to watch was her seem to take 9 college boys. It was so hot. I was so proud. Frankly, I'dbe lying if I saidi don't want my 10 year old to grow up and love c**** just as much. I just hope I can watch her get ganged one day.

  • I think that I will leave this as fantasy. I can't help who I am sexually attracted to but I can help whatI do about it and all I will do is enjoy j********** to the fantasy. Thankyou.

  • Nothing wrong with jerkingto that it is a nice fantasy

  • Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I have been so h**** reading them! I would love to find somewhere we can all talk freely about our young girl desires and chat with each other about it. Any one know any good sites etc we could use?
    Thank you 😊

  • Oh I would love to chat more with you.

  • Would love to chat about young girl desires. Where can I contact you?

  • Daveforfun2@protonmail.com for young taboo fantasy chat joel or others

  • Hi Joel, dave here in my 50's and love underage girls, chat anytime about my taboo desires oldmandave2@protonmail.com

  • Hi. I don't think your email works unfortunately

  • I don’t know of a place either but I love to chat about taboo too. I’ve enjoyed reading and contributing here as well. Drewcifert (at) protonmail.com

  • Hi all, always happy to chat taboo and fantasise young daveforfun2@protonmail.com

  • Wickr?

  • Not used that. What is it?

  • Almost 40 here too. You need some cuddle bonding time. Get her on your lap and feel her against your d***. My step daughter is 13 but still very young acting. She still likes to cuddle on my lap and I love it because she’s such a gorgeous little thing that alone does me in every time

  • Oh yes, bet her ass gives you a raging h****** too. MMmmmmmm

  • That sounds so beautiful. I would love a cuddle c** relationship with her!

  • Especially the c um part

  • Does she make youcum?

  • Just about every time but I don’t let her know that for obvious reasons. I play it off like a tickle fight/light wrestling or bouncing and I always keep my pants on.

  • That sounds so perfect 👌. I will have to maybe start see if she OK I cuddle her. Do you ever kiss her?

  • Nice also to have her on your lap watching her fav video and just rest your hand on her leg, after a couple of mins start gently rubbing her leg, if she doesn;t push your hand away, move a bit higher, then a bit higher, then rest it between her legs, if she doesn't react start to gently play with her p ussy, if she is really into the video you will end up with your hand in her knickers

  • Wow so sexy

  • Not gonna lie, I think it’s pretty perfect too. She’s the sweetest little girl and her body is so soft and tiny and perfect. I do give her small kisses. We have always been an affectionate family so a small kiss on the cheeks or lips, or sometimes I’ll give her a light kiss on her neck when I’m tickling her. I would get your girl used to getting affection from you. Have her sit on your lap and get used to the feel of you. Young girls all want love from the men in their lives so they’re usually open to cuddling with their dads. I guarantee the first time you c** from her it will be unforgettable.

  • I am so excited at the thought of your suggestions that I am going for a good pedo m********* right now!

  • Think of herpussy while you w***

  • Sniff her dirty knickers and.see.if.you can find some.pubes. What is her hair colour ?

  • Nicer before she gets hair

  • Kiss which lips?

  • Just the ones of her face but believe me, I fantasize another the others.

  • Those r the ones I want to kiss

  • You.must want to f*** her so much !

  • You must want to f*** her so much !

  • Best leave it as just a fantasy

  • When you next see her alone, tell her how grown up she looks how lovely you find her eyes,lips,hair as you touch each one rub her neck as you sniff her hair and whisper in her ear. Tell her you want you and her to have a secret?

    Whisper to her as you lightly caress her cheek.
    "I want to kiss you but its our secret" when she lets you hold her tight and wait for her to look at you afterward. Smile as she blushes and ask her to kiss you back. When she does. Rub her a*** with your hand gently though! hitching up her T-shirt slowly as you expose her tight bum then break off kissing. Pull her shirt over her head quickly then pull her back to you kissing her hard slip your hand to her moist v***** lightly touch her slit slowly inserting a finger tip onto her c***. Gently rub it as you nibble on her ear lobe whispering your love for her while very slowly lowering you both to the floor. Spread her legs open and then insert your finger into her by now wet p****. Smile at her as you bend to suck on her little hard nipple your finger in her f**** your thumb on her c***. When she is close to o***** as her breathing gets heavier. Slip another finger into her c*** and bring her off. Then tell her to remember its a secret as you look at the camera on the table blinking toward the spot your both occupying. She is now yours to mould. Enjoy.....

  • Get yourcock in her too

  • Mmm that's hot man!

  • And feels good

  • You’re not alone. I am in my 40’s also. I think a lot about having s** with young girls also. In your situation I would have tried to get a better look at her gorgeous young p****. I would have jacked off next to her and sprayed my cumm on her p****

  • Wow, glad i am not alone on my 40's being sexually attracred to little girls!

  • Love very young

  • I think 10 is the youngest age girl I have ever got an errect for.

  • Who was the 10year old

  • MUCH younger

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