I could choke him

My Gf and I went camping with some friends, We were all in tents and my Gf's Best friend was sleeping in our tent, We all got wasted and went into the tent, I was trying to get them to hook up and they were playing hard to get, My Gf is pale skinned with freckles and little tiny b**** with tiny little pink nips, Her friend is 1/4 oriental but looks more like half or more and is darker skinned with kinda big b**** and big dark nips, I had them convinced to kiis a bit and it was chilly in the tent but things were definitely heating up.
They were drunk girl kissing and then there was a hand up my GF's shirt and she did the same back, Tops got lifted up and that was when I seen her friends nips, My GF was pinching her friends nips making them stand up and she was doing the same back, Her friend started flicking my Gf's nip with her tongue and I was laying behind my GF holding her b00b for her friend to lick it, My gf was reaching back jerking me and I got up on my knees, Her friend joined in and they were both jerking me and kissing and licking nips and so on and I put my Gf's hand down her friends sweats, Her friend spread her legs and rolled onto her back.
I got her friends pants off and had my GF fingering her while sucking her nip and I got on the other side of her, She started jerking me and I got my Gf's pants off, My gf was watching her friend j*** me and grabbed my b**** pulling me toward her friends face and her friend opened her mouth, I slid my d!ck in her mouth and my Gf and me were both fingering her and BAM!!!!
My friend walks up and starts banging on the side of the tent barking about some guy down the road who wanted to fight, The girls freak and cover up quickly getting dressed thinking he was gonna come in, I kept telling him to F off but just kept telling me to come back him up.
I went out of the tent and told him what was happening but he was drunk and just wanted to go fight this guy or whatever and finally I got him to go to bed but I don't think he stayed there, I went back in the tent, Whipped off my pants and both girls were back in their own sleeping bags, They were both like "Yeah, Nope, Not happening, No way", I got into my Gf's sleeping bag and nailed her from behind while trying to feel up her friend and she would let me touch her b00b for a second or two and then push my hand away so i dumped a load in my Gf and passed out.
I was gonna try the next night but her friend ended up in a different tent with one of my buddies and now they are dating, I could choke the buddy who interupted us because my Gf is like "Nope, Not F'ing happeneing and claims it was drunk stupidity which is not happeneing again EVER"

Nov 18, 2019

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