Adventures in cuckolding

We had been married over 10years and our ** life was still good when we got it on but now it was only a kind of wham bam thank you man when we dir.
Ehe excitement had begin to set in and Doris was concerned because she was used to me satisfying her when we had ** and we talked about it and I tried but soon was back to the same ol same ol so again we talked it over and To begin with Doris is a good looking woman at the age of 34 and I kidded her about maybe hiring a guy to take care of her and she laughed but said don't tempt me.
Until that moment I had never thought about her with another guy but when she said don't tempt me my ** responded .
Our ** life was good maybe because we were so open about it with each other and she and I had talked about the other ** partners we had before we met and I think that was what kept it alive for us .
We also discussed watching ** to see if that helped and it did until we both decided that it was just phony ** filmed by pros.
I found a wife swap site though that at least some of them looked real and it did help us and I suggested that we try that but Doris said no she couldn't let a guy ** her with me watching so we agreed to join a swing clu out of Sacramento and we signed up for that and on our first visit Doris ** 4 guys in about three hours but club rules were all guys had to wear a rubber and she likes to feel the guy when he ** in her and on that night I only laid one gal and would watch my wife from a distance as she **.
We did this several times but I always made excuses when a woman would approach me and I would follow my wife and watch her **.
Well when she found that out she agreed to just let our good friend Bill do her while I sat and watched them and since Bill and his wife Sharon had split the sheets several months ago I was sure that he was probably pretty ** by now so we invited him over for dinner and My Mon watched our kids that night.
After dinner and two beers later as we sat around talking Doris had on a not sheer see through blouse but one that did not leave much to the imagination
and her ** showed clearly through the blouse.
Bill was trying to not look directly at her but he was sneaking glances and I would bet that he had a ** by now and we had agreed that she was the one to bring it up so when she stood and asked him if he would take a look at our dryer I stayed sitting as they walked into the garage and in only about 10 minutes they came back in and Doris looked at me and said he is willing so should we lay some rules down and I just shrugged my shoulders so she said now I want you to know that this is not a declaration of love or anything I am not looking for another man to replace David it is just for ** OK.
Bill nodded his head eagerly and Doris looked like she wanted to say something else but couldn't think of anything so she said I am on birth control and I wont ** your ** but you can ** in me so.....
Then she stood there looking at him .
Bill cleared his throat but kept quiet as he stood and walked over to her and he stepped behind her and circled her waist with his hands then he kissed her neck and Doris inhaled sharply as his hands slid up her waist and her hands closed over his as they cupped her ** and Bill pulled her back against him his hands mauling her ** as Doris went MMMMMMmmmm and she closed her eyes as his fingers began to toy with her ** and she reached behind her feeling his ** through his pants as Bill was pulling her blouse over her head now and her ** wee bared and her ** were excited and standing out proudly .
My ** was hard now as I watched totally enthralled with the site of my wife foundling another mans **.
I was having a hard time breathing it felt like my chest was bound by a rope as I tried to breath deeply .
I watched as Bill pulled her skirt up and bared her ** through her sheer pantys then he pushed them aside and began to ** her going deeper in her with each stroke and I could see her excited fluids on his ** then he added another ** and Doris whimpered and she began to respond to him then she turned in his arms and they kissed at first Doris held his face in her hand then she circled his neck with her arms as they fell back onto the couch.
Bill was trying to get his pants off in an awkward position and Doris was helping him then he got on leg free and he moved between her legs and Doris lifted one leg over the back of the couch as Bill got his ** out of his shorte and it looked huge all swollen up with his blood veins clearly outlined as his ** pulsed with each beat of his heart.
I was standing beside them now wanting to see his ** part the petals of her ** and sink into her Dee was holding her panty's to one side as Bill worked his ** head up and down her slit gathering her fluids for his entrance then without warning with a quick thrust he was inside other and Doris gasped again and Bill moaned and he settled there enjoying the moist heat of the walls of her ** massaged his shaft and he made strange garbled sounds a she began to stroke inside of her .
Doris was also very excited and she cried out and she came very quickly and Bill followed suit They laid there locked together straining against each other as they came for long minuts then I watched as they began to relax still gasping for breath then Doris began to laugh her throaty laugh as she began to move again looking over at me smiling her devilish smile her face still flushed with excitement and her hair in disarray as her body milked his ** then she said hey he is still hard as she began to ** him and Bill laughed and said well babe I haven't had any ** for a long time and Doris said OK buster I am going to make use out of that hard ** and she pushed him off of her and in truth his ** still was hard so when he sat back on the couch and Doris took his ** in her hand as she got n her knees with on knee on each side of his hips then with a very serious expression she squatted down on his ** and she said OOOOOO as she slid down his shaft and settled in his lap with quick wiggles of her ** milking his ** I could see his ** but that was all until my sweet wife began to raise up then drop down onto his ** again and Bill took first one then the other of her ** and sucked on her ** and Doris really likes that to.
Doris is multi orgasmic and she came again I watched then in several different positions then He had pulled the couch out and had her bend over it as he stood behind her and he came the second time that way.
We moved into the bedroom after that and He spent the night with us,
Doris has had many men now and we are more in love than ever before.

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