Lonely guy

My wife was sick, we had 2 children well i needed s** she said she will not do any of that again. i told her that all men love s** , s** games toys etc. she said that's all disgusting. i came from a broken home an that's very hard. i vowed on my religion my children would not go threw i traded my life for them .. so i lived a miserable life, 5 years later i had an affair she found out about it and my home went down hill. i remembered my holy vow about a broken home. i could not take it any more; i started to j*** off at first hidden then anywhere in home, car. she said i was a s** addict, this was after 15 years of jerking off, i wanted to sleep in nude she did like that a bit.now we are old and i can't j*** off any more. please if you start down this road stop it fast, ib am a broken man because of a marriage with no love can do. iI SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED A GREAT SAYING//// WE CAN LIVE HAPPILY L APART RATHER LIVING MARRIED WITHOUT LOVE J

Apr 5, 2020

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