Catching him red handed

I asked my good friend nextdoor if her 15 year old son would wait in my house for a delivery while we went out,the next morning he came round told him to make himself at home then went off with his mum we didn't get that far when i remembered i left my purse behind,we went back and i knew it was on my bed when i walked into my bedroom i caught him wanking off in my stockings he looked terrified trying to cover himself up,I got him to remove his hands so i could see and i sat on the edge of the bed and got him to sit next to me i could see the precum in the stocking and didn't give him a chance to explain and grabbed his d*** and jerked him off fast as i could feeling his d*** twitching every time he c** i stood up and went and washed my hand off and he was still sat there when i got back to tell him to put it in the washing machine it was risky with his mum outside,I like that he's learning with me ive even been talking out of my window to her when he's been in my bedroom with me he's never tried it on when im talking until last week when i felt his hands touching my ass thinking he would stop but he pulled down my underwear and started rubbing my p**** it was a huge turn on knowing his mum could find out what i was doing then i felt it his d*** at my p**** then in it went fast which made me let out a little moan she must of seen me moving back and forth in that 30 seconds he didn't seem to care as he was f****** think the risk turned him on to,he left me with my knickers pulled down as left.

Nov 16, 2020

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  • He could be trained for better s**.

  • He is 15 The F*** Is Wrong With You

  • When I was 16 I got to f*** my mum for the first time. Mum knew I`d wanted to having caught me several times watching her get changed ad also wanking while sniffing her bra and knickers. Mum had a habit of walking around the house in her underwear.
    One night mum was wearing just her nightie AND NOTHING MORE
    I could clearly see her nipples, plus the outline if her t*** and f**** bush as the nightie was see thru in bright electric light. I guess mum didn`t know this.
    Mum bent over in the lounge at one stage and I saw her my mum`s bare mum for the first time. It looked gorgeous, I also saw how hsiry mum was between her legs.
    As I passed mum`s bedroom later, mum was standing with her back to me looking out of the window. Again I could see her bare bum.
    I walked into the room, asked mm what she was looking at and sat down on the bed behind her and stared at her bare backside through that nightie.
    I could take no more.
    I lifted the nightie and skid my hand between my mum`s legs . feeling all that hair, the shape of her bum cheeks and her s****** hole.
    Mum turned around in shock horror and asked what I was doing.
    I said mum, you know I`ve wanted to f*** you for a while, how about it?
    As I spoke I lifted mum`s nightie again as mum faced me, I could now see her hairy f**** properly including her c*** crack. I instinctively shoved my hand between her legs as I waited for an answer and felt her f**** properly before shoving two fingers up my my mum`s f**** crack.
    Mum said , you can`t do that to me ! I smiled and carried on fingering mum`s f****. Mum smiled. I carried on.
    After a while I said , come on then mum, get on your back, I`m going to f*** you now, but take that nightie off ,I want to see you properly.
    Mum lay on the bed naked and spread hr legs.
    After admiring the view between mum`s legs of those gorgeous bum cheeks with her hairy c*** in between and those nice big t******, I climbed aboard and f***** my mum. We even kissed passionately

  • We must take care of the young, and show them the way

  • Very hot story

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