I got caught

My buddy and I were at his parents place when we were 17 and we were drinking, His parents were at his dads company christmas party and they came back with a bunch of people and continued drinking.
Me and him had moved downstairs to his room and after things had gotten quiet he had passed out and I went upstairs, His dad had left his mom passed out on the couch in her dress, She is not a supermodel or anything but ok looking, Short, chubby, Brunette, Huge t***. I stood there looking at her and she had a lot of leg showing, she has short chubby legs but she was looking pretty all done up.
I sat on the couch and put my hand on her leg and then slid it up and slid her dress up, She had on lacy, See through panties and she has pubes but trimmed, Her legs were already apart and I slid a finger into her panties and she was already wet so I slid it right in her. After a minute or two I slid her shoulder straps down and wrestled with her top FINALLY getting her huge t*** out and OH MAN are they massive, Big, Kinda firm actually and lots of veins, Big, brown saucer nips and I couldn't help myself. I started sucking on them and playing with them and then just somehow ended up between her legs and slid my d*** in her.
I was only about three or four pumps in when I knew I was busted but it was too late, She opened her eyes and she was trashed, She was squinting and looking at me then she would close her eyes and scrunch her face, Open her eyes and looked completely confused, She grunted every time I shoved deep in her and about ten pumps in she said "You better hurry", I started going faster and she started enjoying it, She spread her legs wider and her huge t*** were jiggling, she sucked her own nipples and then started moaning and grabbed a pillow off the couch covering her face and I heard her moan "Mmmm, Oh f*** yeah" and she got even wetter, I gave her another dozen or so strokes and came deep in her.
I held my d*** in her until I started to go limp and she had been dozing off and then her head popped up and she wispered "Ok...Yer done" waving her hands for me to pull out. I did and she stuffed her huge t*** half way back in her dress stumbling off down the hallway. I went downstairs and laid there awake all night thinking about how I had just f***** my friends mom and she let me and she even came.
Next morning I went upstairs and she immediately cornered me, She said "Not ok Scott, Not f****** ok at all", We talked and I appologized profusely and she just reitterated how wrong it was. Oh well, we shared a night and will always have the memories.

Apr 11, 2020

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  • That’s HOT!!!!!! Wish I had the chance to do that to my best friends mom when I was younger!!!!! She was HOT AF!!!!!!!! Would have given anything to be in that situation!!!!!

  • Yep, rapist.

  • Waaahhhhh

  • Nah, you're just a rapist

  • If she really felt she had been raped, she would have done something about it. But she didn’t. She enjoyed it. Guarantee she allows him to do it again.

  • I will.... soooon!!

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