Sleep walking

Three times my step dad has sleep walked that I am aware of, He doesn't know he does it and neither does my mom but when I was 14 I woke up one night when i heard foot steps, Of course being 14 I thought the worst and laid in bed freaking out that there was a murderer in my house but no, Not a murderer just my step dad, He walked past my door and I was like "Whoa!!!! WTF!!!" I jumped out of bed and peeked out my door, He was buck naked (Both him and my mom sleep naked) He went to his office and I sneaked tot he corner spying on him, He went in, Did some stuff at his desk and then turned to face the door and I was like "Holy F...His d*** is massive", Ok, I was 14 and had no internet back then and admittedly it is VERY big, Bigger than I have had but not as big as I thought it was back then, I remember watching it sway from side to side as he walked back toward the hallway and I ducked into the bathroom, He walked past and went back to bed.
When I was 16 my friend and I were having a sleepover and he walked past, She looked at the door then at me wide eyed and started giggling, I said "Oh my god...He's sleepwalking", She didn't believe me and we went to my door, Peeked out and could see he was in the kitchen, We went up and peeked around the corner and he was just standing there leaning back on the counter with his arms crossed and a FULL h******, She backed up bumping into me and then we both awkwardly looked at each other and she whispered "Is he asleep?", I shrugged and told her I thought so, She stood up and stepped out from behind the corner, He never looked over, She stepped to the side and he never looked, she stood right where he would have for sure been able to see her but he just stood there.
I had only seen a couple in p**** mgs by that time and he was still bigger, Longer, Thicker, and bigger b**** than I had ever seen, My friend stepped closer, Closer and looked right at his face, She looked at me and back at him then down at his c***, she bit her lip and waved me over, I shook my head no and she nodded, I tip toed over and looked at him and he was definitely asleep, We both stood there looking at his huge c*** and my friend lifted her shirt, I was like WTF!!! she did a silent giggle and urged me to do it, We were both standing like right in front of him shaking our b**** and checking out his c***.
My friend tip toed back to my room and grabbed my camera, came back and snapped a picture from the side, The sound of the camera made him move and we both freaked, He uncrossed his arms and walked away as we stared at him and then after we couldn't see his d*** anymore we finally looked at each other. We went back to my room and she said "H-O-L-Y H***" I said "I know right" and then she told me this weird thing about spying on her brother whacking off and on her uncle a couple times banging her aunt but the whole point was that she had seen d**** and nothing like that, She went on and on about it and we finally went to sleep.
I had forgotten about the camera and hadn't develpoed the film until later but it was probably another year or year and a half before it happened again and I walked right up, Stood right in front of him and by that time I had a boyfriend and had been having s** for a year or so and was on my second guy but both of them were pencil d**** compared to him, Another ten seconds and I probably would have dropped to my knees and sucked his d*** right there and then but...He had other plans and thank god he did, After a bit of me following him around staring at his d*** and touching myself he went to bed and I spent the next hour masturbating.
Haha, The camera, Oh no, It wasn't even me who got it developed, My sister didShe is 5 years older than me and when i was 20 she had picked up some stuff from my moms and this camera was in her stuff, She didn't remember it si she took it and got it developed, Wow, so weird, Haha, Her and her boyfriend picked them up and my sister was driving, He apparently asked if he could open them and she said "Yeah, Lets see what's there", She said he did and flipped through them and I had forgotten about the picture of my step dad but also that me and my friend had gone back to my room and taken pictures, So embarrassing, She said he seen tham all, My b****, My friends b****, and both of our vaginas.
But when she brought the pictures over she sat down and looked at me very serious and I was like "What?", She said we needed to talk and I asked what about, she told me about the pictures and when I reached for the folder of pics she said "Uh...Hold up", She opened the folder and pulled out the picture my friend had taken of my step dad and held it up saying "Uh, What the f*** is this?", I said "Oh f***" she said "Yeah, uh, You are like what? 15...14 something like that?", I nodded and she said "Ok, Uh, This is NOT a 15 year old d*** so...Who is this and is there something we need to talk about?".
I laughed and said "No...Uh...Actually Marissa took that", She said "In mom's kitchen?", I nodded and she said "What...Were...You two doing?".
I looked at her, Took the picture, Held it up to her and said "This...Is...Marks d***", she looked at me and said "What...Why the f*** do you have a picture of Marks d***?", I explained the sleepwalking and so on and she sat staring at he picture and said "Seriously...That is Marks d***?", I nodded and she nodded in approval then laughed and said "Holy f*** he has a huge d***", We giggled and had a glass of wine and she spent quite a bit of time looking at the picture saying "Really?" as we both laughed.

Apr 12, 2020

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  • Next time your dad is sleep walking guide him into your bedroom.

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