My new bestie

I love to seduce, I just love it, If you are into me and come onto me you most likely won't get me, If I have to work for it it makes me so wet, I get h**** and the more work it takes the better the prize, I think it all started when I spent a sumer at the lake house with my cousin, She was 6 months younger than me and worked at the park that their lake house was at, She invited me to stay with her for the summer and it was great, I also got a job at the park but being a first year I was only part time so she worked more than me but we still had a blast.
In that summer I started to notice their neighbor, Older, Probably early 40's but nice looking and in decent shape, I seen him lots on weekends with no shirt on and he had a nice build, Back in the day when I look at pictures I was built like a teen p*** star. 5'3" tall, 120 pounds and DDD's that were amazing, Firm, and nothing short of perfect (Yes I have a high oinion of myself), I had started watching him more and more and started talking to him from time to time when I could catch him close to the property line and casually strike up a conversation but no matter what I did he never seemed to "Check me out", He was very aloof and distant which only made me more persistent.
Over the course of a month or so I had slowly revealed more and more of my body to him and nothing, I was down to a see through t-shirt and short shorts one day sweating and panting like a dog while we talked and he maybe looked at me twice, I was still new to the whole s** thing and aside from a couple handies and a one failed b******* I was still very new. I could often be found pleasuring myself in the shower thinking about what to try next and until the last week I was there I had failed at every attempt to try and win his attention.
I had maybe 4 or 5 days left, Her parents were coming in 2 days on the friday as ususal and I noticed his wife had left probably an hour before and I assumed she had gone to town for groceries or something, I had put a lot of thought into it and I had decided that if possible I was going to go all the way with him. He was out beside the house chopping wood and I dug out one of my cousins bikini's that was a bit small on her so it was WAYYY to small for me, I walked right up to him, Half a nipple on each side showing and he turned, Looked at me and dropped his axe, He looked me up and down and said "How old are you", I said "F*** me" and 20 minutes later I was on my back on the floor in his garage on a pile of blankets with my legs spread as he looked at me and rubbed my p**** dripping with his sperm. My first time I had been f***** in 5 or 6 different positions including doggy with a thumb in my butt, Yikes, That'll ruin a 16 year old.
Anyway that's how it all began blah, Blah, Blah here we are today 11 years later and I have been house shopping for...3 months - ish, My realtor is a decent looking guy but as usual he all but drools over me, I had called about a house I wanted to see and he couldn't take me to see it but instead sent his wife who is also a realtor and I had met her once or twice at the office, We met at the house and as soon as she got out of her car I thought "Holy she looks good today. Just the way her whole outfit was put together I was definitely into her, If you haven't figured it out I don't discriminate when it comes to men or women, I have enjoyed the company of 5 women and I was determined to make it 6.
Long story short her and I 69'd on the bed in the master and she got very upset after, Apparently that is not something she has done in the last 15 years and not since before she was married, She apparently got over her...Anger...Embarrasment...Whatever it was because she just left my place and we had an amazing time...Besties??? Guess we will see.

Apr 13, 2020

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