I have been marred to my husband for almost two years. A month ago I found out I am pregnant with my first child. Naturally, my husband assumes he's the father. But he's not. The biological father is a stranger from out of town who picked me up in a bar downtown one night and took me to his hotel room and f***** my guts to jelly. I don't even know his last name or where he lives, so he'll never know he has a child in the world. At first, I decided to abort because the whole thing is just too messy and complicated. But then I realized how much I was enjoying walking around my husband's house and sleeping in his bed with another man's baby inside of me. It's really just so delicious. I love it!! So, I'm keeping the baby. And I'm even looking forward to the idea of spending the rest of my life living a hot lie!!

Apr 10, 2020

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  • I hope he finds out and kicks you out to live in a dumpster

  • You go girl. Nothing sexier than having another mans baby growing in your belly and hubby has no idea.

  • Both of my brothers have ex-wives that cheated and had kids by other men while they were still "happily" married. They each tried to salvage their marriages but they both eventually failed. Neither ex-wife is apologetic about it

  • I love how trashy you are. I wish I had a wife like you. Dirty. Disrespectful. Depraved.

  • Please don't stop whoring. I love your attitude. And I love your life. You give me hope. Thank you.

  • Jesus! What are you doing? You HAVE TO GO GET AN ABORTION!!

  • Keep the baby, it will be a constant reminder of your sexy slutty side.

  • No!! Aborting is wrong! Please don't ever abort your baby! Please stop!!

  • I've been where you are and ultimately I came to feel what you're feeling, although it took a while. But once I arrive where you are mentally, I couldn't get enough. Having an illegitimate child within your marriage is an exciting and beautiful and powerfully sexy thing. I've had three of them, by three different men, and my husband hasn't a clue. I lead a thrilling life.

  • I applaud your attitude. This is indeed an exciting and liberating experience for any woman who has the courage to do it.

  • It’s not your decision to abort or not. If it were your body you’d be the one that dies not the child

  • The phrase "hot lie" is PERFECT. And so very appropriate. And so very sexy. It really is hot as h***.

  • God YES this is hot as fresh s***!!! OMG!!!

  • Pray the child doesn't do a DNA test during his or her life. It will get messy!

  • Continue with your double life even after child birth. It is soooo thrilling!!!

  • Trash bag.

  • Bad idea.....Bad form...

  • Wow, looking for bites? Sad woman.

  • I hope it bites you in the ass... B****!

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