I Peed My Pants Waiting For The Bus!

So I was waiting for the bus after school, then I realized I should have used the school bathroom before. then I couldn't hold it, then it happened I couldn't go on the bus with wet pants, so I just walked home next time this happens let me know what to do thank you for reading my confession have a good day!

Feb 19, 2022

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  • Sounds like you should have been wearing a diaper. LOL

  • Just pull your pants right down to your ankles in front of everyone at the bus stop no matter what the weather and push your hips forward, use your right hand to retract and aim and shout loudly "when you gotta go you gotta go!" And rapidly fire it upwards and left to right in a zig zag pattern. Try and avoid hitting other people and if anyone gives you grief threatening you calling you a wiener, fire it on them and laugh. If they beat you up even if your in pain and agony and crying with a broken jaw, scream F off you Cs it didn't hurt. Then pull your pants if you can, get on the bus and act cool like nothing happened.

  • Bad idea

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