Leg Space Boy

This story happened to me when I was in 7th grade and at that time, it was my first year at my new school. So me and my close friend were on the bus one day, and we sat at the back of it where there were other connecting seats and these 2 boys from the school across my one came and sat diagonally from my friend and i. Me and my friend (who I'm going to name Cici for this, but that isn't her actual name) thought that it would be fine, as every other bus ride had been in the past so we just went on and kept quiet. It was fine until a couple of stops later when one of the guy's that got on had asked me and Cici, "Excuse me, but do you have enough legspace?". At that moment, i remember just getting so p***** off about him asking us that because you cant just ask a stranger these kind of questions because its g******* f****** rude. And then Cici and i decided to name him 'legspace boy', for we still have no idea what his actual name is, and he still comes to the bus stop i go to today.

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  • He should have just looked at you and said "b****"!

  • How dare he be so considerate!

  • I agree....so rude to be so considerate!

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