I was faithful for the first 15 yrs of my marriage then my best friend and me went to a winery festival for a long weekend a couple of years ago. OMG we started drinking at 10am. A bus took us from winery to winery. I was so tipsy by about 2pm. I remember ordering a shiraz and the barman was telling me about the unique taste of it and did I want to know how it was made. He took me to a cellar, opened a bottle, unzipped himself and poured the wine on his c o c k. I smiled and licked it clean. He poured more. Soon he got a b l ow j o b and I got to taste c u m and shiraz - yum. From then on it was just a drinking s e x fest! Debbie (my friend) got so drunk and had s e x with guys in toilets and behind winery buildings. By the end of the night I fell over getting off the bus at my motel - luckily I had a young man to help me to my room who stripped me naked and f****** e d me until i passed out. The s e x was amazing. I woke up the next day still drunk and so sore. I never told my hub and felt so guilty. But Deb and I did it again this year - it was so hot staggering around drinking from wine bottles talking dirty to guys, flirting with them and letting them use us. Can't wait for next year. Nikki

Jul 6

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