I’m born in the wrong body

I am currently 16 and appear like a pretty normal guy of that age from the outside. I play video games, have a bunch of guy friends, and sit with the dudes at lunch. However, there’s a side to me that I feel I have to let out somewhere. I feel like a girl trapped in a boy’s body. I’ve always been enamored with pretty feminine things, from dresses to eyeliner to cute boys. Whenever we go clothes shopping, I always go off on my on and pick out numerous girls outfits to tru on on in the dressing room. My phone is filled with pictures of me in tight, ass-hugging shorts, adorable ruffled pink skirts, soft white panties, thongs I can barely fit my package in, and gorgeous dresses. I feel like myself, my beautiful female self during times like that. The issue, though, is that my friends and family are staunchly anti-LGBTQ. It’s not their fault, they were just raised in a place where those ideas haven’t normalized yet. Regardless, I’m sure I’m female inside- and that that will never change. Whew... glad I got that off my chest somewhere. Can’t wait to see if anyone comments lol.

Apr 17, 2020

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  • I'm starting to feel like you more and more. Three years ago when I was in 7th grade my twin sister and I went to my friend's Halloween party. We went dressed like each other, I was my sister and she was me. I even wore girl's underpants , my mom got um for me. We both looked really cute like each other and it was fun. My friend's two older brothers got me to try pot for my first time and I felt so good. We snuck up to the attic to smoke it and I got so high that I s#cked um both. My friend must of told them that I had done it with him before, but that's all him and me did. His two brothers Michael and Patrick got me to smoke some more and that's when they took turns f#ckng me, Michael once and Patrick twice. When I went back downstairs Jamie my best friend could tell something happened to me and so could my sister. I told my sister that they tried to make out with me but I didn't and Jamie's brothers told him that they both f#ckd me and I really liked it. That's almost 3 years ago and I have been acting so weird like. I secretly dress up in girls clothes and s#ck boys I don't even know and I even got raped two times by two different guys who are like men!

  • I used to think that I was born into the wrong body and I was always wearing my sister's clothes especially their pretty panties until mom got me my own. When I started having s** with other boys I changed how I feel about it. I'm really glad that I'm a cute, pretty boy that wears girl's stuff and that other boy's find me pretty. Boy/boy s** is the best especially if you're the only one who's wearing panties!!!

  • Well done for getting it off your chest, there will always be people to accept and love you for you not who pretend to be. Maybe save up and move to a city. Honestly life is too short to give other people power over you life. I don't care if they are family if they don't end up loving you for you, then go out in the world and find you own. You got this!

  • Give me your hot young load.

  • Godamn! You sound hot AF!!!! Meet me and I'll do you all night, I swear to f****** God!

  • My brother is like you and our family was also ANTI LGBT. I am not.

    Jess was 15 I discovered his desire by accident, I was 26. I came home early from work. Everyone else was out. He was dressed up in a sexy way and as he was always fem looking boy. He made a great looking girl.

    He was so scared and begged me not to tell anyone. I walked over and took him in my arms and kissed him. He resisted for a second in confusion. I looked at him and said, I love you Jess. I think only now did I realize how much.

    We kissed for 10 minutes and then Jess whispered F*** me. He was laying on the bed I pulled his dress up, and removed his lacy panties. Applied hand lotion to my c*** and fingered his ass. Then enter him. We made love for 20 minutes. He came twice from a*** and finally u came inside Jess.

    It felt so good and natural with my brother, better Than with any woman.

    10 years later we live on the west coast as a couple. Our parents disowned us when we got caught together 3 years later.

    We are completely in love and live like husband and wife. Jess is a full time crossdresser and has had breast implants. The Corona lockdown is heavenly for us. Me make love all day and don't have to leave the apartment.

    I live to be with Jess who I think of as my wife.

  • I'm 14 and I'm the same way and even have some boyfriends. My mom is cool with it and takes me shopping for the prettiest things.

  • I m an older dude who discovered wearing woman's clothes few years back. I have a massive collection and always wear a bra and panties every day. Feels so normal now. Wear nighties to bed. Will never go back. You should try girls out though at your age. Nothing like a tight hot wet cunny.

  • You are crazy. Are you mental. Who is your parents.

  • Good on you for writing. It's a lonely place to be. I guess I live in a inbetween world. I love some feminine stuff. Sometimes I wish I had been a girl. Sometimes I am glad I am a man.

    I like to look back to when I was a kid. I am not sure if it was from my preferences or my moms but I used to wear really short shorts and singlet tops and knee high socks. The sort of clothes girls now wear but in the 1970's I guess thankfully boys could also wear skimpy outfits.

  • So you're a bottom?

  • Yes

  • I want to be your top. I want to get on you. In you.

  • I love your story and I could easily fall for you. I would take such good care of you. When we would go anywhere, I would always be the one driving, I wouldsteervwith my left hand, and with my right hand, I would always --- ALWAYS --- be stroking that beautiful clock of yours. As you approached your o***** each time, you would let me know, and I would immediately pull to the side of the road, lean over and take you in my mouth, and have you fill my mouth with your delicious sweet cream. Then, I would let you watch me swallow it. I would have you do the same thing anytime you needed to pee while we are driving. I would be so good to you.

  • You sound so sexy. I’m older and straight but lately curious for a cross dresser. I would love to take you shopping for sexy lingerie and hang out.

  • You sound like a sexy beast. I think I love you.

  • Oh baby I would treat you so good. I would make u my baby girl and be proud to be with you in public. My only request is that your my w**** in bed. I would not make u do anything your not comfortable doing. Love u baby

  • I'm a 41yo husband and father (1 girl almost your age and another that's 4 yrs younger) and I would really dearly LOVE to provide you a sexual outlet for your desires. I would make a woman out of you (and I would wear you out). I'd buy your makeup and all your clothes and shoes (and I think you would be beautiful in a fox fur I'd bring you from a retail business my best friend has). I would also take you to a surgeon and get you a nice breast augmentation, an you could even have estrogen therapy, if you wanted it. You would be my mistress. However, if you decided that you wanted me to leave my wife and family and devote myself only to you and your desires, that's what I would do. In fact I am masturbating right now, thinking about the possibility of us as a couple. You make me HARD.

  • Darling, I was like you, male yet craving to be female, adoring the sensuous feeling of silk panties and flouncy dresses against my manhood (which I still have!!) caressing my erection in pretty feminine clothes.
    I am 39 and have been a transvestite most of my life. I have no wish to transition completely, so I have styled myself so I can pass as both male or female when out in public (though I do look rather more feminine than male) and I always wear female undies.
    In my late teens I took medication and exercised to develop my b****** and now they are a lovely 38B, very sensitive. I love going out dressed as female, the feeling of my undies and a silk skirt or dress wafting against my legs in the breeze, bliss !!
    Sadly, if we confess then we get a lot of abuse from narrow minded people who cannot understand the inner urges that we have. Enjoy your soft side my love.
    Signed Chiffon

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